Good Afternoon!
We would like to take a minute and pass on some landing strip information and up-dates we have recently received from UBCP members.
1.  Perry Null reports that Grand Gulch is in fair shape, but that the parking area is over-grown with weeds.  It is difficult to see the tiedowns so use caution when parking as they are re-bar buried in the ground.  The wind sock pole needs work and the sock is now missing.  Perry, we will get a work party organized for out there after the first of the year.
2.  Charles Reeve has written to invite UBCP to their private landing strip, UT28.  We are not exactly sure where it is, but it can be made available for camping and hiking.  The landing strip serves the historic J.H Johnson Ranch in southern Utah.  You can find more information at www.Lundutah.com.
3.  Lee Howard sent a note informing us that 100LL fuel is available again at Green River.  This is good news as the Green River Airport is just a few miles east of Mexican Mountain and fills an area of the state that has been pretty sparse for fuel availability.
4.  Mark Munro is a brine shrimp spotter pilot and tells us that obstructions have been placed on the runway at Delle and pilots should consider it closed.  It was a sad day when the cafe out there closed and now it looks like the landing strip is gone also.
5. Finally, a reminder, we wanted to reiterate the agreement that we have with the land owners of Fremont Island.  Since the inception of our agreement, we have agreed to only utilize the two established airstrips on the island, those being the upper "ridge" strip, and the lower "northern" strip.  Lately, we have noticed a few additional airstrips have been created on the island, to the point where construction cones and barricades have been placed to identify these additional strips.  In the spirit of keeping Fremont Island open for the future, we ask that those of us who enjoy the access given to us at Fremont Island only use the two established strips originally agreed to, and that those who have placed construction cones and markers on the island please remove them before we discard them.  We appreciate your help in maintaining our excellent relationship with the owners of the island and preserving this amazing resource for future UBCP members.
Development of the new UBCP website is underway and we hope to have some limited functionality for you to view here soon.  In the meantime, if you would like to submit any reports of airstrip conditions or have anything to share with the UBCP, please contact us via email at utahbackcountrypilots@gmail.com.
UBCP Board


We hope to promote flying in Utah, and we welcome you to our state. We recognize the inherent hazards and risk involved in back country flying and will strive to minimize this by disseminating information on airstrip conditions, and offering a conduit where which to share experiences gained. This website is one aspect of our effort. We believe that a significant potential exists in our state to develop a handful of remote landing fields and we hope you'll come fly with us and join the effort.