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Brown's Rim

Frequency: 122.9
Runway: Heading: 01/19
Length: 1300 ft
Width: 12 ft
Surface: Soft Sand
Elevation: 4884 ft
Lat/Long: 37.854, -110.2988
37° 51.24' , -110° 17.928'
FAA Identifier: None
Land Ownership: BLM NM

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Airport Description

Description: Near the National Park Boundary to the north, Brown's Rim offers a spectacular view of Cataract Canyon via a short hike.

Runway: 1300 ft long x 12 ft wide two-track dirt road that is predominantly soft sand.

Approach Considerations: No unique hazards other than being short and soft.

Amenities: None

Windsock: No

Recent Reports

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David Abrahamson made a report.
Visited June 05, 2019 in a Rans S-7
Runway: Good condition
Camping area: Good condition
Windsock: Needs to be replaced

The strip is very narrow, so you have to land on and stay in the wheel marks. No parking or camping area noted. Otherwise matches the Fly Utah! data.