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Fry Canyon

Frequency: 122.9
Runway: Heading: 12/30
Length: 2382 ft
Width: 75 ft
Surface: Dirt with some grass and small bushes
Elevation: 5372 ft
Lat/Long: 37.6515, -110.1709
37° 39.09' , -110° 10.254'
FAA Identifier: UT74
Land Ownership: BLM NM

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Airport Description

RWY 30 is uphill 1.70%. Caution: RWY 30 has a displaced threshold and is uphill. When conditions allow, it's recommended to land uphill on RWY 30 and to take-off down hill on 12. When landing on RWY 30, land just past the road that crosses the airstrip. Approximately 2,382 ft of the airstrip are NW/up-hill of the road. Usually, airplanes are able to taxi across the road to park downhill from the airstrip. The airstrip is not usable when wet.  There is a slot canyon to explore nearby and Anasazi ruins across the canyon. The runway was bladed in 2012. On a 4-3-19 visit it was obvious airplanes had been visiting the airstrip. The windsock was in great condition and for the most part, the airstrip to the NW of the road was smooth with a few small bushes starting.

Recent Reports

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Perry Hacking made a report.
Visited May 09, 2019 in a T206H
Runway: Good condition
Camping area: Great condition
Windsock: Good condition

Landed uphill. Lots of grass due to wet spring. Grass clumps make it bumpy but underlying runway in good condition. Did not trust runway surface before the road that transects the runway. Did not stop to inspect it, but it looked 50/50 to this rookie.

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Rob Hunter made a report.
Visited April 03, 2019 in a Car
Runway: Good condition
Camping area: Good condition
Windsock: Good condition

We were passing by on the highway so we stopped to inspect the airstrip. As long as you treat the road as a displaced threshold and land to the NW it is in good condition. The SE side would be a bit rough for most airplanes. There are a few bushes starting to grow that most pilots would want to avoid but they are sparse enough so you can do so. The sign that used to warn motorists about the runway is no longer visible but was still standing. We did see a piece of thick rusty wire on the runway

image from airstrip report
image from airstrip report
image from airstrip report
image from airstrip report