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Gruver's Mesa

Frequency: 122.9
Runway: Heading: 8/26
Length: 3500 ft
Width: 30 ft
Surface: Dirt with leafy brush
Elevation: 4836 ft
Lat/Long: 38.7157, -110.1984
38° 42.942' , -110° 11.904'
FAA Identifier: None
Land Ownership: BLM

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Airport Description

Gruver’s Mesa:

Description: Gruver’s Mesa airstrip consists on two runways, one orientated east/west and one northeast/southwest.

Runway: East/west runway: approximately 3500’x30’. Utilize the two track road. The western half of this runway has the best landing surface with small bushes and clumps of grass. Northeast/Southwest runway is approximately 2300’x 40’ and is more overgrown and will be rougher.

Approach Considerations: The airstrip sits atop a mesa and approaches from any direction are unobstructed. The western end of the east/west runway provides the best landing surface. The NE/SW runway is more overgrown than the E/W runway, which also has a two track road along its length.

Amenities: Primitive camping is available on the strip. No formal amenities. The location offers good access to several slot canyons nearby. Moonshine Wash and Three Finger Canyon are two of them. Via the slot canyons the Green and San Rafael Rivers should be accessible as well.

Windsock: No.

Recent Reports

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Gary Hilley made a report.
Visited November 24, 2019 in a Super Cub
Runway: Good condition
Camping area: Good condition
Windsock: Needs to be replaced

There is about 500ft usable on the Western part of the runway.

image from airstrip report
image from airstrip report
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Cory Wolf made a report.
Visited November 12, 2019 in a C205
Runway: Good condition
Camping area: Good condition
Windsock: Needs to be replaced

We over flew this strip during our survey flight with one of the rec planners from the Price District. After several low passes, another pilot in our group in a C180 with 850s rolled the western half of the runway. He reported that it should be doable with 850s or larger and that it was in decent shape. There is also a stretch of road just south of the strip looked like a viable option for landing to gain access to walk the strip if needed. The road is regularly maintained and well graded. We plan on getting back down there to land it and get a better assessment...and do a little brush clean up as needed. Moonshine wash is about a mile east of here and this strip should provide access to some great slot canyon hiking.