Bacon Strip Fall Fly-In | Utah Back Country Pilots Association

Bacon Strip Fall Fly-In

The heat of the desert summer is starting to lose its grip which means the 13th annual fly-in is just over a month away Saturday and Sunday October 12-13.

Many of us have waited two years for the fly-in after it was canceled last year when an uninvited wet weather system came through that temporarily closed the runway almost stranding those who flew in ahead of it.

There is plenty of space for underwing glamping. Enjoy flying activities, barbecue, exploring, shooting, fireworks and more. Meet the “Fearless Ten” and hear their stories of how they made it home last year.

See you there!

The strip is a dry lake about 2000' long and elevation is 1240'. It's an easy place to land and everything from a Twin Beech to a Harmon Rocket can land with no problems.

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