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Dingell Act (Updated!)

Posted November 26th, 2021

(updated 16 Feb 2022)

As the BLM continues in the development of the Management Plans for the areas affected by the Dingell Act, we'll keep this page updated with information regarding opportunities to make your comments heard by those in charge.

As far as the San Rafael Swell Recreational Area goes, the UBCP took part in the first day of public comments with the committee tasked to draft up the management and travel plans for the area that encompasses the airstrips McKay Flat, Sage Brush Bench, Cliff Dweller Flat, and Hidden Splendor. We're happy to report that thanks to the efforts of Board Member Wendy Lessig, the BLM took the charge in presenting to the community the airstrips in the area and emphasized their inclusion into the discussion on these travel plans! Comments shared by Wendy Lessig and Roy Evans II among a few other UBCP members resonated well with the committee and we look forward to continuing in on the discussions in the near future!


Links to the specific areas being amended along with airstrips that may exist in or near these areas are defined below (thanks Wendy!):

Desolation/Turtle Canyon Wilderness Area
Chandler Canyon - 39.46668°N/110.0167°W
Daddy Spring - 39.69517°N/110.25034°W
Sagebrush Flat - 39.7409°N/110.11047°W
Stone Cabin - 39.77733°N/110.31817°W
Tavaputs UT09 (airstrip on private land)
Range Creek (closed) - 39.35732°N/110.12855°W

Green River Wild, Scenic & Recreation Area Wilderness Area
[No airstrips in wild or scenic river segments]
Mineral Canyon UT75 - 38.53118°N/109.99502°W
Spring Canyon - 38.6397°N/109.96917°W
Keg Knoll - 38.56748°N/110.10048°W
Horseshoe Canyon - 38.51318°N/110.10618°W
Willow Spring - 38.44567°N/110.1365°W
Gruvers Mesa - 38.71559°N/110.19783°W
White Wash Sand Dunes - 38.81423°N/110.04275°W

San Rafael Swell Recreational Area Wilderness
Mexican Mountain - 39.01903°N/110.4505°W
Cedar Mountain - 39.1885°N/110.60285°W
Hidden Splendor - 38.56867°N/110.95666°W
Cliff Dweller Flat - 38.87283°N/110.56966°W
Gruvers Mesa - 38.71559°N/110.19783°W
Red Reef - 38.63999°N/110.25752°W
Keg Knoll - 38.56748°N/110.10048°W
Horseshoe Canyon - 38.51318°N/110.10618°W
Willow Spring - 38.48945°N/110.11915°W
Sweetwater Reef - 38.5505°N/110.32034°W
Blackburn Draw - 38.4967°N/110.61383°W
Temple Mountain - 38.64853°N/110.6578°W
Mckay Flat - 38.71667°N/110.86166°W
Sagebrush Bench - 38.8175°N/110.92934°W
Factory Butte - 38.4867°N/110.915°W

John Wesley Powell National Conservation Area
Taylor Flat (closed) - 40.89008°N/109.15668°W
Brush Creek - 40.6025°N/109.50717°W