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Project Description

Happy Canyon

Happy Canyon is approximately 25 miles southeast of Hanksville in Wayne County.  It is in a deep but wide canyon that empties into the Dirty Devil River a few miles west of the airstrip.  The runway is oriented east/west and has a crosswind runway at virtually 90 degrees and half way down, forming an "X" which is easily discernible at altitude.

Happy Canyon must have seen some intensive uranium exploration as evidenced by the small shack near the runway.

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Latitude: N 38.9834°
Longitude: W 113.3666'
Elevation: 4,748' MSL
UNICOM: 122.9 MHz
Windsock: Yes
Camping: Yes
Comments: New UBCP windsock should be placed atop the island this weekend, prior to the Spring Fly-in.  Be careful for hidden ruts and ditches in the dry lake bed.

Airstrip Briefing Guide

Supporting our core value of Enhancing Safety, the UBCP has developed an "Airstrip Briefing Guide" for Ibex.  This guide, intended to be a part of your required preflight preparations, takes the necessary information about the airstrip and adds even more items such as details on parking and camping areas as well as nearby activities.  As a reminder, the use of the information contained in these guides is at the pilot's own risk.

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