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Airstrip Info

Frequency Unknown
Elevation 5375 ft
Lat/Long 40.0918, -109.1902
40° 5.508' , -109° 11.412'
Runway 04/22 5850 ft x 50 ft
Ownership BLM


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Information updated January 10, 2023 @ 4:17pm

Airstrip visible and sections may be serviceable.  Other sections overgrown. 

Marc Lassaux
2 years ago in a ICP Savannah S with 8.00-6 tires

Overflew Bonanza a few times and the sage brush it too high to land for my plane. It looked like it could be rehabilitated with a little work. Maybe a good project in the not too distant future! I took a video of the fly overs as well:

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Vlad Karpayev
3 years ago in a RV9A

Made a low approach. The overgrown sage brush is up to a foot high on the runway. Rutted need major work. No windsock but wind could be judged from a power plant chimney a mile away. There is an adjacent dirt road which could be used by STOL aircrafts. Interesting vicinities of gilsonite mining. A time freeze from last century.

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