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Bonneville Salt Falts

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4225 ft
Lat/Long 40.7952, -113.8117
40° 47.712' , -113° 48.702'
Ownership BLM


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Information updated January 6, 2021 @ 8:10pm

Description: The famous Bonneville Salt Flats. Need we say more?

Runway: Hardened salt flats with varying degrees of smoothness and compactness. Exercise extreme caution.

Approach Considerations: Be careful for vehicular traffic that may be utilizing the area. DO NOT LAND IF THE SALT FLATS ARE WET OR FLOODED! Salt Flats may be closed to other permitted users. For more information please contact the BLM or view the following link:

Amenities: No

Windsock: No

Neil Amonson visited 1 year ago in a C182 with 600x6 tires

The salt flats usually used for car racing (and airplane landing) is under water. Surrounding salt flats that look dry are very soft and wet and unsuitable for aircraft. Gonna be a while before this area opens back up again.

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Vlad Karpayev visited 3 years ago in a RV9A

Hard and smooth surface. Runway groomed long and wide. Goes parallel to the Speedway on east side.

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