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Cedar Mountain

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 7538 ft
Lat/Long 39.191, -110.6056
39° 11.46' , -110° 36.336'
Runway 15/33 2050 ft x 47 ft
Rwy 13 Uphill 0.9%
Ownership BLM



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Description: Cedar Mountain's airstrip rests atop the similarly named Cedar Mountain, providing panoramic views of the Wasatch Plateau, Book Cliffs, Henry and La Sal Mountains.

Runway: 2000 feet long x 40 feet wide, well maintained gravel and dirt.

Approach Considerations: Southern end of the runway ends with a nice 1,500 feet vertical drop. Runway slopes to the south.

Amenities: None

Windsock: Yes

Nicholas Maughan
1 month ago in a RANS S-20 with 6.00X6 MAINS AND 5X6.00 NOSE WHEEL tires

Runway is in great condition, no ruts, bumps or rough patches, felt super smooth.


1 month ago in a Rans S-21 with 8.50 tires

RWY was smooth and dry.


Daniel Gidasi
2 months ago in a RV-8 with 5.00-5 tires

Flew over, did not land. Still largely snow-covered with vehicle tracks, but looked like a great place!


Drew Bowles
5 months ago in a PA-14 with 29” tires

Just a quick in and out to introduce back country flying to a new tail wheel owner. No rutting or debris. Surprisingly no snow yet though I’m sure that’ll change this weekend. Very smooth. Feels as if it were dragged recently.


Kurt Peterson
6 months ago in a Husky A-1B with 31” tires

Landed to the south, slopes uphill. Just a skiff of snow. Departed downhill to the north. Clean and beautiful! Great strip, plenty of room.


Camping at Cedar Mountain

Added by Wendy Lessig 4 months ago

The south end of the Cedar Mountain airstrip is a spectacular place to camp. The camping area overlooks a 1,000 ft drop-off, with a panoramic view of the Book Cliffs and Green River valley. Bring your own aircraft tie-downs. Fire ring exists, but use caution, as the Cedar Mountain airstrip is frequently breezy.

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