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Cliff Dweller Flat

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 6700 ft
Lat/Long 38.8728, -110.5697
38° 52.368' , -110° 34.182'
Runway 14/32 3200 ft
No Slope
Ownership BLM


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Cliff Dweller Flat


Description: The Cliff Dweller Flat airstrip is oriented northwest/southeast. Herds of wild burros live in this area and caution should be used. There is vehicle access to the airstrip, so watch out for cars, trucks, animals, and people.

Runway: The original runway was approximately 4,100’ long and 100’ wide. Current useable landing area is approximately 3,200’ utilizing the two track road running the Northeast side of the airstrip. Watering troughs are located approximately 1,100’ from the southeast end of the strip, leave approximately 1,100’ to the southeast for landing and 2,200’ northwest of the troughs for landing. The section to the northwest of the troughs appears to be the better section to land on, with uniformly flat surface the width of the two track road.

Approach Considerations: The airstrip lies in an open, flat area with good approaches from both directions. The Northwest section of the two track road looks to be the better section of the strip for landing. Numerous wild burros have been observed along the strip, so caution should be used when landing.

Amenities: Primitive camping areas are available along the strip. Eardley Canyon is roughly a mile and a half south of the southeast end of the airstrip. This strip offers opportunities to mountain bike to the slot canyons and numerous hikes to explore the area.

Windsock: No.


Gary Hilley
4 weeks ago in a Super Cub with 31 tires

Pretty rough surface with clump grass and some rutting. 4"-6" mounds. It would take a pretty large work party to get this open for all aircraft. Not much here, but that's kind of the point!

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Cory Wolf

How was the road? The BLM rec planner I flew said there is great trail/ canyon access about a mile south of the strip.

3 weeks ago
Gary Hilley

I took off on the road, its pretty narrow, my gear barely fit. also about 1ft lower then everything around it.

3 weeks ago
Eric Holmstrom
5 months ago in a PA18 with 31” tires

Still lots of cattle and burros on the runway. There is a water or feed trough adjacent to the runway and it seems to attract the animals.

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Marc Lassaux
1 year ago in a ICP Savannah S with 8.00-6 tires

Did a couple of fly-bys today. It appeared land-able particularly towards the center and south east end of the runway. From the air the NW end looked to have some rocks that I would try to avoid until I could see them up close. The strip is very narrow and a part of a two track road. I did not see a windsock. It looks like you could probably pull the plane off in couple of places along the edges, and especially in the middle around the troughs.

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Tom Herbert
1 year ago in a C140 with 600 tires

This is pretty much just a narrow dirt road.

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Cory Wolf
2 years ago in a C205 with 850s tires

We went out this day with one of the recreational planners from the Price district to asses airstrips. I'd not been over this strip before and was surprised to find it in pretty good shape. Note that we did NOT land but made several passes. There is a two track road going down it and there are some watering troughs between the middle and the east end. However, it is very long with enough room to land on either side of the troughs. I'm guessing that the troughs would impede landing in that area either. West of the troughs looks to be the best and definitely looks landable. Watch out for the wild burros. We saw several along the strip. The rec planner says that Eardley Canyon is nearby and offers some great hiking. Looks like about a mile bike ride to where you can drop off the rim and start making your way down to an access point to the canyon.

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