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Dry Fork Canyon

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Frequency Unknown
Elevation Unknown
Lat/Long 38.0933, -109.616
38° 5.598' , -109° 36.96'

Ownership BLM NM


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Wendy Lessig visited 2 months ago in a Piper PA-12 with 35” bushwheels tires

Airstrip is faint but identifiable. Firm surface with numerous “clumps” of cactus. Surface currently suitable for 8.5 x 6 tires (rough due to cactus). A very few small rocks (can see my tailwheel roll over one taxiing at start of below video link). No windsock. A couple of (currently no factor) “water ruts” developing—overfly & check before committing to landing. As seen in the attached overview video, no nearby “track” or road access that would permit strip maintenance without disturbing currently untracked desert soil/flora. Awesome Hoodoo (link) nearby (15 minute walk). One of the most spectacular examples of a Hoodoo that I’ve ever seen. Park Hwy 211 (link) visible in the distance with sparse traffic, but one cannot hear the cars. Canyon walls would make a wonderful backdrop for sunrise and sunset pictures. This is a 360° video. Use your mouse, trackpad, tilt your mobile device or tablet, or use your finger on your mobile device or trackpad to view different perspectives. Video (takeoff) link: https://youtu.be/jOjkwbfDGMc In short, in my opinion, Dry Fork Canyon is a “keeper,” well worth visiting and possibly camping at.

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Dry Fork Canyon's airstrip has been identified on USGS maps since 1954. You can view this historic map below or download it by clicking here.