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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 3879 ft
Lat/Long 37.8948, -110.3778
37° 53.688' , -110° 22.668'
Runway 10/28 2200 ft x 30 ft
Rwy 10 Uphill 1.8%
Ownership NPS NRA


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Information updated March 15, 2023 @ 6:46pm

Description: Hite is heavily used during the spring, summer, and fall months by air tour operators. Prior Permission Required.

Runway: 2200 ft long x 30 ft wide paved runway.

Approach Considerations: Land east, takeoff west.

Amenities: Picnic table and covered pavilion at the east end.

Windsock: Yes



Eric Berg visited 3 years ago in a C182 with 8.5 tires

Great shape. Paved, not straight. Windsocks pointed opposite directions, as usual. Keep speed up with tailwind and let strip come up to you. Nice to use it when temps are down. Beautiful day!

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Picnic at Hite

Added by Wendy Lessig 3 years ago

There is a shade shelter and picnic table at the Hite airstrip. Beautiful overlook of the confluence of the Dirty Devil River and Colorado River, which marks the upper end of Lake Powell. The Hite Crossing Bridge over the Colorado River is adjacent.


It is not a good place to camp, as the airstrip is adjacent to the highway. No water or services.

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