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Frequency Unknown
Elevation 5136 ft
Lat/Long 36.6796, -113.6276
36° 40.7753' , -113° 37.6572'
Runway 02/20 2200 ft x 30 ft



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Joseph Barrett
9 months ago in a Cessna 140 with 8.50 x 6 tires

A bit delayed on the airstrip report but the previous report still stands. The airstrip is in really great shape with the exception of some ruts in the center-edge of the runway that can easily be avoided once spotted. As with most strips in the area, cow activity is high.

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Jason Blake
11 months ago

I dragged it out last year to remove weeds and smoothed out some of the ruts. I mounted a windsock on a pole on top of one of the tanks Tanks are on the south end of strip Good parking and turn around next to the tanks I fabricated and posted the signs with the above info (sign on each end.) When I landed out there last time (2/13/22) the strip was still in great shape. There are some ruts on the east edge of the strip about half way down, but plenty of room to avoid them.

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