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Frequency Unknown
Elevation 5136 ft
Lat/Long 36.6796, -113.6276
36° 40.7753' , -113° 37.6572'
Runway 02/20 2200 ft x 30 ft



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Jason Blake
10 months ago in a Kitfox IV

Contacted the Arizona Strip BLM office regarding strip and was actually able to talk the grader operator into blading the strip as it had been pretty washed out from all the rain (see my report from February). How cool was that!! Drove out there today to post new signs and put up a new windsock. Strip is in really nice condition-bladed out wide and flat-except for being extra dusty. There is a soft spot about a quarter way from the south end of the strip, but should be easy to avoid. Parking area by water tanks is hard and in good shape. Strip is ready for visitors again!

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Joseph Barrett
1 year ago in a Cessna 140 with 8.50 x 6 tires

A bit delayed on the airstrip report but the previous report still stands. The airstrip is in really great shape with the exception of some ruts in the center-edge of the runway that can easily be avoided once spotted. As with most strips in the area, cow activity is high.

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Jason Blake

February 2023: With all the water last fall and this winter, strip is looking pretty rough with a lot of washed out areas across the landing surface. Will be putting a work part together to get it back into shape once the snow melts and it dries out enough.

1 year ago
Jason Blake
2 years ago

I dragged it out last year to remove weeds and smoothed out some of the ruts. I mounted a windsock on a pole on top of one of the tanks Tanks are on the south end of strip Good parking and turn around next to the tanks I fabricated and posted the signs with the above info (sign on each end.) When I landed out there last time (2/13/22) the strip was still in great shape. There are some ruts on the east edge of the strip about half way down, but plenty of room to avoid them.

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