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Mexican Mountain

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4461 ft
Lat/Long 39.0188, -110.4504
39° 1.128' , -110° 27.024'
Runway 11/29 1900 ft x 40 ft
Ownership BLM WSA



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Description: Mexican Mountain's runway is oriented west/east alongside the San Rafael River inside the Mexican Mountain Wilderness Study Area. Due to the sensitive nature of the location, pilots are requested to adhere to the UBCP's Code of Conduct to help us maintain our strong working agreements with the BLM. Reminder to all pilots this airstrip exists within a Wilderness Study Area. Motorized or wheeled conveyances are not to be used on the airstrip or surrounding areas.

Runway: 1900 ft long x 40 ft wide dirt runway in good condition. Slopes uphill slightly to the west. First 500' from the east is soft and has a "dark spot" that appears wet throughout the year.

Approach Considerations: Tall trees (30+ ft) on both sides of the runway present a hazard when landing to the east (downhill). Typically land to the west and depart to the east.

Amenities: Campgrounds and fire rings (please use already established camping\/parking areas and fire rings).

Windsock: Yes, located east of the runway.

Kurt Peterson
3 months ago in a Husky A-1B with 31” tires

Beautiful desert strip tucked in the red rock canyon. Took a short hike to see the petroglyphs. Camping sites and runway clean and in good shape. Wish I could have stayed overnight!


Michael Maley
3 months ago in a C180 with 850 tires

Great spot. This was our first backcountry experience and the 180 did its job. After getting home I went to Google Earth to measure the strip. 1900’ X 40” is a bit optimistic. I’d call it 1700 X 30’.


Kyle Stone
4 months ago in a Cessna R172K Hawk XP with 8.5 tires

Flew into Mex Mtn today to explore the petroglyphs. Great time and airstrip in great condition. Water was flowing pretty good in Spring Creek


Lance Weekley
5 months ago in a C 185 with 8.50 tires

Normal cow pies in the vicinity of the camping area. Runway is in good condition. Overall, nice and clean.


Lee Trotter
7 months ago in a ACA Scout with 31 ABW tires

Runway width about 20ft (wheel area) with shrubs cleared a good 50+ ft. (wing area). Landed E to W (nicer approach). Departed W to E (lower trees/terrane). Cows seem to visit often...they leave their mark. Overall nice strip and great place to camp. Easier stream access just east of the east end of the runway. Bring bug spray and hiking boots. Had to pick up trash left behind (I always bring a large trash bag-some just have trouble packing their junk out). Beautiful scenery, enjoyed our visit.


San Rafael Trail

Added by Tyler Gleave 2 months ago

An 18 mile loop featuring spectacular views of the Mexican Mountain Wilderness Study Area (WSA). You'll want a GPS and track to help navigate route finding, including locating down climbs that will be required.

Sheriff Azariah Tuttle, Jr. Historical Marker

Added by Brent Rowser 2 months ago

Historical marker for Sheriff Azariah Tuttle, Jr. From the plaque: Azariah Tuttle, Jr., sheriff of Emery County, brought the law down on notorious Texan outlaw Joe Walker and other outlaws--the likes of Butch Casidy, Elza Lay, John Montis, and C.L. Gunplay Maxwell"

Mexican Mountain Petroglyphs

Added by Wendy Lessig 1 month ago

Several large rocks with petroglyphs are a short 5-min walk down the trail that begins at the airstrip windsock. Please do not touch or deface the petroglyphs so they can be preserved for future generations of pilots.

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