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Mexican Mountain

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4461 ft
Lat/Long 39.0188, -110.4504
39° 1.128' , -110° 27.024'
Runway 11/29 1900 ft x 40 ft
Rwy 29 Uphill 0.3%
Ownership BLM WSA



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Information updated November 18, 2022 @ 1:27pm

Description: Mexican Mountain's runway is oriented west/east alongside the San Rafael River inside the Mexican Mountain Wilderness Study Area. Due to the sensitive nature of the location, pilots are requested to adhere to the UBCP's Code of Conduct to help us maintain our strong working agreements with the BLM. Reminder to all pilots this airstrip exists within a Wilderness Study Area. Motorized or wheeled conveyances are not to be used on the airstrip or surrounding areas. 

Runway: 1900 ft long x 40 ft wide dirt runway in good condition. Slopes uphill slightly to the west. First 500' from the east is more soft than the rest of the runway and has a "dark spot" that appears wet throughout the year.

Approach Considerations: Tall trees (30+ ft) on both sides of the runway present a hazard when landing to the east (downhill). Typically land to the west and depart to the east. Tall trees alongside the runway as well.

Amenities: Campgrounds and fire rings (please use already established camping/parking areas and fire rings).

Windsock: Yes, located east of the runway.

Dick Stone
3 years ago in a C185 with 8.50 tires

Runway in good condition although there is a low/soft spot developing near west end. Could potentially be a wet/muddy spot after a significant rain event. The entire area is being devastated by Tent Caterpillars. They were even floating down the river by the thousands... We had to move our tent to out in the open, away from being under any trees. Don’t bother bringing a hammock !!

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Josh Kelson
3 years ago in a PA-18 with 31 tires

Firm runway and in great condition. Cattle have been everywhere putting some prints in. Caterpillars not out yet. Some cattle approached runway during morning flight out but were scared off. Repaired the fire ring and buried ashes.

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Cory Wolf
3 years ago in a C205 with 850 tires

We camped here for one night. There were a lot of cattle in the west camping spot area. Like was previously mentioned, lots of cow pies in the campsites. The cattle have really torn the area up and there are a few spots on the runway that could be worked over. One small rut mid field or a little to the east of mid field and two depressions in the middle of the runway on the west end. The parking areas are firm and the campsites were in good condition. We saw signs again of someone that had ridden a mountain bike in from the trailhead. Also something that was kind of weird. The campsite someone has created across from the windsock had recent burn marks like someone was trying to clear some of the bushes. I’m thinking we need to post online and, and maybe at the site, the BLM’s rules and expectations with the use of the strip.

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Dustin Dickerson
4 years ago in a KITFOX STI with 29" tires

East end of runway was still wet and the cattle have walked across making quite a few ruts. Manure from cattle covering runway. I cleared all the manure but the hoof marks need to be raked out. Surprised that cattle can graze here as there is a lot of damage from the cattle?? West end of runway has a pretty good sandy dip in middle of the runway. Edge of the runway would be the better choice if landing to the East.

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Cory Wolf
4 years ago in a C205 with 850s tires

As our last stop, we landed here with one of the rec planners from the Price District on our survey flight of the strips in his district. The strip is in great shape. We weren't happy to see that some one had ridden their mountain bike in from the trailhead all the way to the Sheriff Tuttle plaque. So just a reminder to anyone visiting the strip that it is in a wilderness study area and things like bikes aren't allowed. Also, no new fire rings are allowed.

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