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Mineral Canyon

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 3946 ft
Lat/Long 38.5293, -109.9946
38° 31.758' , -109° 59.676'
Runway 15/33 2100 ft x 25 ft
Rwy 33 Uphill 0.7%
Ownership BLM



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Description: Mineral Canyon's airstrip resides in the Green River canyon just south of the Bowknot Bend. Mineral Canyon is one of the three back country airstrips included in the State's "FLY UTAH Passport Program". To learn more, head to their website.

Runway: 2000 ft long x 40 ft wide dirt runway in good condition.

Approach Considerations: Airstrip resides inside a canyon with rapidly rising terrain within 1000 feet of the airstrip rising over 1000 feet above the landing surface.

Amenities: None

Windsock: Yes

Tom Herbert
2 weeks ago in a C182 with 600 tires

The upstream end has a lot of soft sand. Be light on the brakes at the end.

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Gregory Mazzola
4 weeks ago in a Cessna 182T with 6.00 tires

No change from previous reports. When departing Runway 15, the eastern (left) side of the runway is hard-packed and usable full-length, but the western (right) side has some medium-depth trenches. Check out the photos from Tyler Gleave about 6 months ago. I flew in using stock 6.00 Cessna tires, no issues at all.

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Tyler Gleave

Great photo!

3 weeks ago
Karen Larson
1 month ago in a Super Cub with 31” tires

Be careful of the soft sand just beyond the grassy end of the runway landing upstream. Depending on touchdown point, the tires grab abruptly on the rollout even for big tire aircraft.

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Nicholas Maughan
2 months ago in a RANS S-20 with 6.00X6 MAINS AND 5X6.00 NOSE WHEEL tires

The runway is slowly becoming less friendly to smaller wheeled aircraft, both ends were pretty soft, the north 1/4 had big ruts and very soft soil. The south 1/4 was very soft and had lots of livestock prints in it. The middle 1000 feet are decent enough, although there is a bit of soft soil right in the middle of the strip, by then your gear should be fairly lightly loaded so not a big factor but you'll feel it. Of course if you have big Bush Tires you'll be fine on the whole ~2000 feet. Parking and camping area are in great shape. The windsock is pretty tattered. Camped overnight, plenty of firewood and beautifully clear skies!

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William Lipscomb
2 months ago in a PA-18 with 31" tires

Cows and Horses here.

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