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Moon Ridge

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 7940 ft
Lat/Long 39.39, -109.5805
39° 23.4' , -109° 34.83'
Runway 17/35 3000 ft
Rwy 17 Uphill
Ownership SITLA


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Information updated January 29, 2023 @ 2:56am

Reported as good condition. SITLA land.  Good candidate for a windsock and any maintenance a work party could do.

Hod (Harold) Dahl visited 10 months ago in a Pa-18 with 26 inch tires

Landed today with the Supercub. 26 inch tires and 6” extended gear. Runway is consistent with previous report. Sage is very present but they are young plants (and soft). This should not be a major issue with taildraggers and larger tires. Walked the runway and it was firm and actually quite smooth. Cow piles are present with some ruts on the double track road. Drag the strip before landing to pick your spot.

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Marc Lassaux visited 1 year ago in a ICP Savannah S with 21X8 tires

Moon ridge is in good shape, no snow or mud. There is some sage and horse manure piles. There is no windsock. The south end of the runway has a great camping site. Further south off the edge of the runway and over the cliff there are some interesting overhangs. Most of the snow is gone off the Tavaputs plateau with just areas where drifts are left over.

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Marc Lassaux visited 1 year ago in a ICP Savannah S LSA with 8.00X6 tires

Nice area. A little rough but not bad. Here are videos of takeoff and landing.

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William Lipscomb visited 1 year ago in a Pa 18 with 31” tires

Good condition, scattered sage and horse “apples” (piles of manure)

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sam chambers visited 2 years ago in a C180 with 29” tires

Large piles of horse apples in the runway, shallow ruts. Otherwise In pretty good condition.

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