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Needles Outpost

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4898 ft
Lat/Long 38.1706, -109.7416
38° 10.236' , -109° 44.496'
Runway 8/26 4600 ft x 50 ft
Rwy 8 Uphill 1.37%
Ownership Private


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Heads up: This airstrip is temporarily closed and should not be used.

Information updated January 29, 2023 @ 9:44pm

Overgrown and eroded.  This would be a great strip to work with the owners and try to rehab.

Ron Simmons visited 27 years ago in a Bonanza with 700x6 tires

This is a memorial report and it is intended to highlight how important UBCP efforts are. The attached photo was taken at needles outpost in the late '90. We went there often. The Kids in the photo are grown up and the grandfather passed away late last year. In those days the Outpost was run by Gary & Tracy(I still rember them because of their kindness). Needles outpost is now not usable, I'm told. This closure caused me to realize that many other strips would have come to the same demise if not for the efforts of UBCP. Thanks for your lifelong efforts to perserve backcountry flying.

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Dick Stone

I agree… used to so much look forward into flying into the outpost and went there many times…even once in a turboprop Piper Jetprop! Let’s hope we can maintain what we have now to enjoy !

4 months ago
Tyler Gleave

What a great memory. Thanks for sharing Ron.

4 months ago


Added by Ron Simmons 4 months ago

You can hike with your young children from the Needles Outpost strip (when open) to the place called mexican bottom at the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers. I'm am told that this was one of the routes taken by the spanish fathers on the old spanish trail from Santa Fe to California.

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