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Neilson Wash

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4705 ft
Lat/Long 38.3608, -110.8883
38° 21.648' , -110° 53.298'
Runway 7/25 2871 ft x 40 ft
Ownership BLM



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Information updated March 29, 2021 @ 7:27pm

Description: A large airstrip located on the top of a small mesa running between highway 24 and the Fremont river. North of the strip is a very popular OHV area used mainly by Utah locals. Looking south is a great view of the Henry mountains that around 250-400 buffalo inhabit. Most of the surrounding land is BLM with some private land heading into Hanksville.  This area offers some unique landscapes due to the banded Morrison formation. The Mars Desert Research Station (a simulated Mars habitat) is located just north of this strip. This airstrip would be great for first timers or aircraft with less than optimal performance.  
Runway: The east-west runway is extremely long by backcountry standards but has a few areas of scrub brush and small cactus. These can easily be spotting during your survey for landing. There is an antenna building and access road that follows part of the runway on the west side. Near the middle of the runway is another access road that crosses the runway, currently there is no erosion from the crossing road. The surface is more crushed gravel than dirt and is normally firm year-round.  
Parking: The whole area is completely flat, so parking and camping could be anywhere. This area also has good cell phone coverage. 
Approach: Landing can be accomplished in either direction; wind over the mesa could create some mechanical turbulence. Landing west the approach is clear. Landing east multiple antennas at the threshold approximately 50ft tall obstruct the approach. 

Amenities: Hanksville is approximately 10 miles east on highway 24. Throw your thumb out and I’m sure a happy local will take you into town. Duke’s Slickrock Grill has some pretty yummy food and they have a campground with cabins and accommodations. 

Mike Bay visited 1 year ago in a Cessna 175 with 8.50+6 tires

I was surprised how washed out and uneven some spots were, but there was still lots of room to land and avoid the whoops and ant hills. Lots of ATV and truck activity on and around at the time of my visit, which is probably the reason for the condition. Overall my 8.5x6 tires were fine with this spot, but it could use some attention with some large equipment to grade it.

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William Lipscomb visited 2 years ago in a PA-18 with 31" tires

A few scattered large rocks and some higher weeds from the rain but otherwise in good shape.

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JAY TOWNSEND visited 2 years ago in a Rans S-21 with 8.50 22” tires

The actual runway is difficult to determine, I dragged it twice before I landed on 25. I am not a fan of the towers/posts/wires at the west end. I doubt I will be back but it was a fun one to land anyway

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William Lipscomb visited 3 years ago in a Cub Type with 31" tires

Enormous strip in good condition, I would say open to all types.

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