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Piute Canyon

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4952 ft
Lat/Long 37.6495, -110.2989
37° 38.97' , -110° 17.934'
Runway 6/24 1541 ft x 40 ft
Soft dirt
Rwy 6 Uphill 3.2%
Ownership BLM


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Description: A seriously remote airstrip located in the Red Canyon area, this place begs to be explored. At one point a Piper Warrior can be seen landing here on YouTube, but the strip is becoming more a part of the landscape now. Remnants of old mining activity are still strewn about the airstrip with piles of concrete rubble and other miscellaneous oddities. Camping here would put you in the heart of Dark Sky territory and you may loose the ability to discern constellations. Multiple deep washes and slots surround the airstrip and you could easily evade capture if you were a wanted character in the Wild West!
Runway: Not completely off limits to smaller tires, but shrubs and grass cover the runway making it more rough than it appears. The runway slopes uphill to the east but is very difficult to detect. 
Approach: No obstructions on either approach, but located in a canyon area the winds here can be unforgiving. Descending below the canyon rim, the swirling winds and turbulence may force a discontinued approach. The best chance of the successful approach and landing likely would be accomplished in the morning hours. 
Parking: A flat area located just off the runway to the east provides a flat grassy area for camping. No cell phone coverage. 
Gary Hilley
11 months ago in a Super Cub with 31 tires

tall grass and rougher towards the lower end. Land uphill, past the stack of rocks on the N side of the strip.

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