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Polly Mesa

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Frequency Unknown
Elevation Unknown
Lat/Long 37.3877, -110.1237
37° 23.262' , -110° 7.422'

Ownership BLM NM


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Information updated February 3, 2023 @ 9:11am

Outline of the strip is still visible.  Overgrown.  Looks like some good access to slot canyons.  

Ben Crowder
7 months ago in a Carbon Cub FX-3 with 31 tires

Very visible outline from altitude, but the lower you go the harder it is to make out... Especially On the ground! I had a hard time finding a good spot to land. After landing, I walked the entire strip, I think, and realized I landed just west of the strip (25 feet) on the northern end of the strip. I think my tire marks from dragging it would have been a better spot. Not recommended without bush tires due to overgrowth.

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