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Robbers Roost Flats / Little Y

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 5820 ft
Lat/Long 38.3713, -110.3078
38° 22.278' , -110° 18.468'
Runway 2/20 2530 ft
Ownership BLM


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Description: Offering access to Blue John Canyon this airstrip sits between two converging roads that see quite a bit of traffic. During our short visit we encountered several motorists and campers likely headed to the slot for canyoneering. The Little Blue trailhead is approximately a quarter of a mile north of the airstrip.
Runway: The runway is in relatively rough condition best suited for larger tire aircraft. It is sloped uphill to the north but takeoffs and landings can be accomplished in either direction. Use caution for deep rutted cow tracks abeam the runway as these could be disastrous for smaller tire aircraft. There are signs of aircraft visiting here with about 1500ft of usable runway. The roads may look like inviting places to land but either side of both roads have high berms that most aircraft wings will not clear. This airstrip is on a deceptively high mesa somewhere around 5800’MSL so density altitude should also be considered. 
Approach Considerations: There are plenty of campers in the area so keeping a low noise profile would be helpful. Otherwise no obstructions. 
Parking: Plenty of parking and camping. No cell coverage. 
Kelly Dustin
6 months ago in a Cessna 182 with 6.0x6 tires

This is a super soft landing strip with some large overgrown areas of weeds. The sand bogs down the tired sand the weed clumps cause some major bumpiness. Parking only should be attempted at the north/east end as everywhere else is extremely soft and you won’t get going at all. I had a friend pull me out of the sand because I stopped too soon. Long runway to the south which you will need cause you can’t gain any speed in the sand. Had to do a full power start from the parking area and still used 4000 feet of runway. Beautiful area and camping area is just over the hill, with Blue John canyon hike easily accessible, so it is an awesome place to have a strip. I don’t know what improvements can help the deep sand but something needs to help to make this strip safer. Maybe some water and keeping the cows off the strip would be a good start.


Sam Riggs
1 year ago in a C182 with 8.50 tires

This is definitely an unimproved grass strip, and to be used with care. Cattle have cut a trail down what was the original strip, so care must be taken to sidestep that. Great parking area, and access to Blue John canyon as well as some great camping! All around amazing location and 100% worth investing some time to rehab, especially since it is so easily accessible by vehicle.


Blue John Canyon Canyoneering

Added by Cory Wolf 5 months ago

This airstrip provides good access to the Blue John Canyon. For detailed information, visit this website.

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