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Rock Creek

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4480 ft
Lat/Long 39.5402, -110.032
39° 32.412' , -110° 1.92'
Runway 6/24 1100 ft
Ownership Private


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Information updated February 3, 2023 @ 10:10am

This would be a great strip to approach the owners about doing a cooperative effort to maintain.  Great access to the Green River.

Josh Kelson visited 1 year ago in a PA-18 SuperCub with 31” tires

See Cory’s comments. Private airstrip and permission is required before landing. The place is in beautiful shape though!

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Cory Wolf visited 5 years ago in a C205 with 850s tires

This is a private strip and permission is required. Basically it is a pasture that doubles as runway. The grass can be tall and hazards can be hard to see. The surface is smooth and flat. In the Spring it had a little give to it that made it smooth to land on. Later in the season it may be more firm. Horses and burros are present so keep an eye out for them. The historic buildings have many artifacts still in them. Look but don't touch or take. This site is frequented by river rafters, so be courteous in both your flying and interactions with them. Most will likely not realize that this is an airstrip. The approach requires an approach from in the canyon with the strip not always in site. Use caution for canyon winds which can vary and be erratic. It's an absolutely beautiful location.

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Josh Kelson

Do you know who we get permission from?

2 years ago
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