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Sipapu Bridge

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation Unknown
Lat/Long 37.6255, -110.0337
37° 37.53' , -110° 2.022'
Runway 14/32 2200 ft x 20 ft
Ownership BLM NM


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Information updated April 25, 2024 @ 5:06pm

A more ruggeed airstrip that may have considerable erosion on the west end.

Wendy Lessig visited 1 week ago in a Piper PA-12 with 26” bushwheels tires

It looks like there are two parallel airstrips, but I think the real airstrip is the one on the right in the photo. The airstrip is not as bad of a condition as it might seem. There is a minor erosion across the runway surface. The center of the airstrip is clumpy grass, landable, but sagebrush is encroaching uncomfortably close on the sides. Spectacular panoramic view of the Bears Ears at the north end of the airstrip. This airstrip is worth saving.

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Sipapu Bridge's airstrip has been identified on USGS maps since 1952. You can view this historic map below or download it by clicking here.