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Stone Cabin

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 7620 ft
Lat/Long 39.7773, -110.3182
39° 46.638' , -110° 19.092'
Runway 8/26 5260 ft
Ownership BLM


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Ryan Pace
1 year ago in a 4 place Super Cub with 35” tires

Looked bad enough from the air I didn’t dare land even with shocks & 35” Bushwheels.

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Josh Anderson
2 years ago in a Cessna 120 with 8.5 tires

Flew over a couple times, couldn’t see anything more than a dirt road that looked to have a solid smooth surface, but was narrow with potential for wing strike on the north side. Probably would work for someone with a better plane, better skills, and bigger cajones but I passed and probably won’t be back until I see some other info.

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