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Brown's Rim

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4884 ft
Lat/Long 37.854, -110.2988
37° 51.24' , -110° 17.928'
Runway 01/19 1300 ft x 12 ft
Soft Sand
Rwy 19 Uphill 1.7%
Ownership BLM NM


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Information updated April 25, 2024 @ 5:00pm

Description: Near the National Park Boundary to the north, Brown's Rim offers a spectacular view of Cataract Canyon via a short hike.

Runway: 1300 ft long x 12 ft wide two-track dirt road that is predominantly soft sand.

Approach Considerations: No unique hazards other than being short and soft.

Amenities: None

Windsock: No

Wendy Lessig visited 2 months ago in a Piper PA-12 with 35” bushwheels tires

Brown’s Rim is a wonderful place to visit. Awesome views of the Colorado River and the immense canyon the river created are a short hike from the strip. As seen in the attached pictures and below video, the strip is immediately adjacent to a well-travelled road. Presence of cattle watering “station” and salt-licks indicate this area is actively grazed. Camping would be spectacular here. Open country—any wind or weather would require secure tie-downs. This is a 360° video. Use your mouse, trackpad, tilt your mobile device or tablet, or use your finger on your mobile device or trackpad to view different perspectives.

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Wendy Lessig visited 2 months ago in a Piper PA-12 with 26” bushwheels tires

Land on east side of two-track ruts, between the main road and the jiggle in the two-track. The area east of the two-track is clumpy grass, but it has better directional control than the two-track. This airstrip would be a good candidate for a work party cleanup.

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Paul Barry

I agree, great spot but always been a bit of a scruffy strip

2 months ago
Cory Wolf visited 6 months ago in a C205 with 850s tires

As mentioned previously, the two track down the road, while a little uneven on the north end, is a better landing surface. That being said, I landed next to the two track where I could see other tracks and it wasn't bad. The surface currently has about a 1/4" give to it so not very soft. The two track road was nice and firm. Two other aircraft with me took off on the road. The Y to the east offers a good place to turn around. The other aircraft took off to the west on the road, starting at the south end of the strip. The road is firm and smooth. A little work on the strip removing some bushes and installing a windsock would be good projects for this strip. Beautiful view of the Colorado River.

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Marc Lassaux visited 1 year ago in a ICP Savannah S with 8.00-6 tires

Nice strip with good views of the Colorado River nearby. Landing is best on the eastern side of the runway as on the western side it has been slightly rutted out with two track from vehicles. Looks like possible camping on the northern end of the runway, but the area is fairly flat all around. Noticeable slope in the runway up to the south. Here's a video of scouting the strip, doing one test touch, and then finally landing:

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Regan Richmond visited 2 years ago in a C-185 with 8.00 tires

Landed/took-off on grass section to east side of the two track. Smooth enough with no large brush, rocks, or dips noted even with 8.00 mains and stock tail wheel. Slants uphill when facing south. Sorry not sure how to remove the extra irrelevant image.

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Brown's Rim's airstrip has been identified on USGS maps since 1952. You can view this historic map below or download it by clicking here.