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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4254 ft
Lat/Long 40.7625, -112.787
40° 45.75' , -112° 47.22'
Runway 07/25 1502 ft x 35 ft
Ownership Private



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Information updated January 6, 2021 @ 7:26pm

Description: Delle is a gas station that features two runways just south of I-80.

Runway:1500 ft long x 40 ft wide runway 08/26 has brush lining the sides of the runway that might be an issue for low-wing airplanes.

Additional Runway: 2200 ft long x 40 ft wide hard dirt runway 15/33 with brush lining the sides of the runway that might be an issue for low-wing airplanes.

Approach Considerations: Billboard at the west end of runway 07/25 may make use of all available landing surface difficult. Be cautious of powerlines as well.  Potential for vehicular traffic mainly on runway 15/33.

Amenities: Yes. Fuel (MOGAS), gas station offers food and drinks (as for the brisket sandwich).

Windsock: No.

Charles McNall
10 months ago in a C150 with 5 tires

First off airport landing with my weaksauce 150. Landed runway 25 and parked at the divider once you exit right on the runway. Talked to the nice ladies at the counter and there is ethenol free mogas at pump#2 and the hose is extra long to fuel planes. I didn't fuel up. but other apparently have. Almost used all of runway 07 to take off. 15/33 seemed ok if you had larger tires. Make sure to do a low pass to scare off any ATVs

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Tyler Gleave

The brisket sandwiches at that Sinclair are a must-try.

9 months ago
Tony Stewart
1 year ago in a Rans S7 with 8.50 x 6 tires

Landed rwy 08, gravel was in good condition. Noted some brush/debris located on rwy 15/33 on the initial flyover. Only spotted one group of ATV users in the area on a Friday afternoon.

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Samuel Davis
1 year ago in a Cessna 185

runways were nice! no major pot holes or ruts given it is used mainly for offroad vehicles. there were a few atv trails that crossed over that left some ruts but nothing too bad. the longer of the two runway was rougher than the short one that goes into the parking lot for the gas station

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Wendy Lessig
2 years ago in a Piper PA-12 with 8.50 tires

Light patchy snow on the runway. Some shallow ruts from ATV traffic.

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Vlad Karpayev
2 years ago in a RV9A with 500-5 tires

Short runway in good condition. Longer runway appears to be rutted by ATVs. Good access to truck parking lot. Sinclair gas station offers some food options.

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Cup of Coffee

Added by Wendy Lessig 2 years ago

Grab a cup of coffee, soda, candy bar, ice cream or hot dog at the Sinclair mini-market at Delle

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