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Fremont Island Upper

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4768 ft
Lat/Long 41.16, -112.3333
41° 9.6' , -112° 19.998'
Runway 15/33 1900 ft x 10 ft
Ownership Private



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Heads up: This airstrip is temporarily closed and should not be used.

Description: Fremont Island's upper airstrip rests along a ridge that slopes up at both ends, and has downward sloping terrain on both sides of the runway. The airstrip resides on State-owned island, who we are currently in talks with restoring our access to the two airstrips. In the meantime, the airstrips are closed until further notice.

Runway: 1900 ft long x 10 ft wide dirt runway that was once a four wheel drive trail that is in good condition. Slopes uphill on both ends. First 500' from the south is rocky.

Approach Considerations: Weather station on the south end of the runway. Typically land to the north and depart to the south.

Amenities: None.

Windsock: Yes, located west of the runway at the north end.

Lance Weekley
2 years ago in a C-185 with 8:50 tires

Very beautiful this time of year. There sure are a lot of bugs though.


Preston Rich
2 years ago in a PA18 Super Cub with 26 tires

Firm surface on runway.


Lynn Alley
2 years ago

Runway dry and firm after several days of dry weather.


Roy Evans II
2 years ago in a PA11 with 800 tires

Runway appeared wet. More muddy to the south end of the landing surface.


Kit Carson Cross

Added by Wendy Lessig 4 months ago

The Kit Carson cross is etched into the side of the highest point on Fremont Island, which is a short hike from the Fremont Upper airstrip.

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