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Hidden Splendor

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4819 ft
Lat/Long 38.5686, -110.9573
38° 34.116' , -110° 57.438'
Runway 17/35 1910 ft x 30 ft
Rwy 35 Uphill 1.6%
Ownership BLM



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Information updated November 18, 2022 @ 1:32pm

Description: Hidden Splendor runway oriented north/south with 1000 ft. cliffs and the Muddy Creek skirting the west side. Airstrip is located on a small mesa with steep drop-offs very close to each end of the runway.  There is vehicle access to the airstrip, so watch out for cars, trucks, animals, and people.

Runway: 1910 ft long x 30 ft (average) wide hard surfaced dirt runway in good condition. Slopes to the north 1.62%.

Approach Considerations: Pay attention to the downhill slope when when landing to the south, and use caution for canyon winds. When landing to the north the approach is through a relatively tight canyon, and should not be attempted with strong winds. Use caution for sinking air over the river when approaching from the south. Suggest flying above the canyon first to make sure you are comfortable with the approach between canyon walls. There are steep drops-offs on both ends of the runway. Can be soft when wet. Departing to the south is recommended despite the narrow canyon . The terrain to the north rises fairly quickly and gives the impression of poor climb rates, and could be a problem on hot summer afternoons.

Amenities: Primitive camping areas are available in several locations around the airstrip. Space is available west of the approach end of the runway 34, as well as on the west end of the road that crosses close to the middle of the runway, and east of the runway on that same road. Interesting hikes up and down the river to explore old mining facilities.

Windsock: Yes.

Kory Cornum visited 3 months ago in a CarbonCub SS with 31 tires

Runway excellent. Scenery amazing. Landed to the south. T/O to the north.

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Luna Hunt visited 3 months ago in a Cessna 206 with 8.50 tires

Airstrip is in good condition. Runway is dry.

4 Likes , 1 Comment

Justin Mackie

Nice to meet you today.

3 months ago
Adam Rosenberg visited 5 months ago in a PA28-180 with 6x600 tires

This airstrip was in terrific shape for my Piper Cherokee with small tires.

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Matthew Kalm visited 5 months ago in a RANS S-20 Raven with 26” tires

Hidden splendor is a splendor as always. Great condition and dry.

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Craig Gustafson visited 7 months ago in a Carbon Cub EX with 31" tires

Beautiful strip in very good condition. Landed downhill on 17, departed uphill on 35. Easy approach & departure. Lots of people camping in vehicles about 100 yards southwest of the runway. If you camp here, definitely bring firewood.

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