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Horseshoe Canyon

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 5290 ft
Lat/Long 38.5132, -110.1062
38° 30.792' , -110° 6.372'
Runway 03/21 3500 ft x 10 ft
Dirt Road
Ownership BLM


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Description: Horseshoe Canyon's airstrip is an improved dirt road that is comparatively firmer than Keg Knoll. This airstrip is one of the airstrips that has been included in the Emery County Public Land Management Act of 2019 residing in the proposed Labyrinth Canyon Wilderness Area. The UBCP is currently working with our contacts at the BLM and the County regarding access to this airstrip.

Runway: 3600 ft long x 40 ft wide dirt runway in good condition. Slightly slopes uphill to the north.

Approach Considerations: None.

Amenities: None.

Windsock: No

Gary Hilley
4 months ago in a Super Cub with 31 tires

SW 2/3 of runway is in good condition. Is seeing some use, so vegetation is no issue.


Gary Hilley
8 months ago in a Super Cub with 31 tires

vegetation about 6" tall, but soft.


Michael Mayra
9 months ago in a Maule with 31 tires

Good condition. Could use some more traffic to knock down some of the vegetation


Randy Owen
1 year ago in a Zenith 701 with 800x6 tires

Runway was dry and in good shape today.


Cory Wolf
1 year ago in a C205 with 850s tires

Over flew the strip during our survey flight with one of the Price District rec planners. The strip looks like it's in great shape.


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