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Ibex / Tule Valley Hardpan

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4748 ft
Lat/Long 38.9834, -113.3666
38° 59.004' , -113° 21.996'
Runway All 10000 ft x 3000 ft
Ownership BLM


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Information updated April 22, 2019 @ 5:27pm

Description: The Tule Valley Hardpan (aka Ibex) is a large dry lake bed just west of Sevier Dry Lake. Ibex is one of the three back country airstrips included in the State's "FLY UTAH Passport Program". To learn more, head to their website.

The Ibex Hardpan Briefing guide is available here.

Runway: Generally pilots land north/south on the area south of the island that rises about 200 feet above the hardpan.

Approach Considerations: Rapidly rising terrain west of the landing surface.

Amenities: None

Windsock: Yes, located atop the island.

Ryan Bowler
8 months ago in a C182 with 8.5 tires

Hard and dry. Had a great time exploring with kids and Grandpa.

3 Likes , 2 Comments

Tyler Gleave

Lots to explore around there. Did you find the geocache at the top of the hill?

8 months ago
Ryan Bowler

Oh, I didn’t know about the Geocache, but I’ll have to check it out next time. There will be a next time!

7 months ago
Josh Kelson
10 months ago in a PA-18 SuperCub with 31 tires

IBEX is great, no standing water. Pulled the windsock down and took home for repair as the sock frame broke. Will repair and fly back out there to stand it back up. Was out there for the UBCP fly-in. Great event! Thanks for all those that out it on and Tyler for driving a grill down!

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Tyler Gleave

Great turnout - it was nice to see everyone again.

10 months ago
Roy Evans II
10 months ago in a PA-11 with 8.00x6 tires

Hardpan is in great shape for this weekend’s fly-in!

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Charles McNall

did you see a windsock? i couldn't find it 2 weeks ago.

10 months ago
Tyler Gleave

@Charles - my understanding is that the connection between the windsock frame and pole broke. Josh/Roy/Steve are working on getting it fixed.

10 months ago
Charles McNall
10 months ago in a C150m with 5 tires

Circled around the Island and could not find a wind sock. Rock hard smooth lakebed. Look out for occasional large rocks in the shape of small rocks. Hammered in some anchors so the plane wouldn't blow away while rock climbing for a few hours. Awesome trip and the Delta FBO was a great stop. Microwaved a corndog from the fridge!

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Charles McNall

Also had cell reception with google fi somehow. but I would not count on it.

10 months ago
Daniel Gidasi
1 year ago in a RV-8 with 5x5.00 tires

First time landing here today. Such an awesome place. Very quiet and desolate. A good spot for some solitude. The windsock is in good shape. Has a small tear and faded but it's standing and functional. It can use some extra zip ties for the upper eye loops. It was helpful. Very light winds out of the south. I landed southwest along the southern shore of the island. That spot is by far the smoothest. It was better than many runways I've landed on. No problem at all for my tiny tires and even smaller tailwheel. Walked around a bit. Though the ponds are full of water, the lakebed is hard and dry. The ponds were just starting to freeze. Fresh water! Not salty. Other spots would be suitable for landing as well, though ever so slightly more bumpy with the alligator cracking on the lakebed. There's a very small yet still very saddening amount of trash around. Wish I had brought a trash bag. Walked around a bit and filled a re-purposed gallon zip lock. Lots of tent stakes, plastic, receipts, batteries, wrappers, and beer cans. Look at the base of the bushes and bring gloves.

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