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La Sal Junction Airport

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 5970 ft
Lat/Long 38.3093, -109.3982
38° 18.558' , -109° 23.892'
Runway 11/29 3600 ft
Ownership BLM



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Information updated January 24, 2023 @ 8:52pm

Airstrip looks to be in decent condition, especially on the west end.  

Buster Delmonte visited 1 month ago in a C-180J with 8.50 tires

Only eastern half really usable. Western half fairly well grown over; brush in center of runway close to 2' high. Soft dirt composition even when dry and on the 'rough' side taxiing with my 8.50s. Definitely wouldn't go in there with any smaller of tires. Windsock mounted to main building on the west side of rwy. Notable upslope (2-3 degrees?) landing east. Takeoff downhill west very nice. The turn around on the east side is massive and the best place to park in hindsight. There is a small parking area mid-rwy but it also serves as a gate/road off the airport so parking there could conflict with ground vehicles. Biggest thing I found was to plan where to turn around... only good place is on the very east end of the runway. Elsewhere there are either notable size sage brush along the runway edge or fairly deep drainage ditches running on either side. For aircraft like cubs probably not an issue to man-handle; but pushing that -180 around was a challenge.

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Buster Delmonte visited 1 month ago in a C-180J with 8.50 tires

More pics...

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Russell Robinson visited 1 year ago in a Airbus H130 Helicopter with NA tires

I graded the west side of the strip about 3 months ago as I own this property now. The east side remains BLM property. The west side of the runway is lower and flooding drains silt to this side. (Very soft when wet). Working on getting a nice windsock installed and welcome any advice on brands and best processes for installation. I have a few hundred gallons of Jet fuel in the warehouse next to the runway if anyone gets in a bind and needs Jet A. You can find my contact info listed in the member section. Blue skies!

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Russell Robinson

The runway length is now about 3600 long and the identifier is 01UT

1 year ago
Gary Hilley

Sent you an email

1 year ago
Jack Holt

Good to know, this sounds great. Thanks!

1 year ago

Hi Russell, I'm planning a trip up there in the next month and would like to chat with you before I drive up. How can I get ahold of you?

2 months ago
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