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Locomotive Springs

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4232 ft
Lat/Long 41.7074, -112.9192
41° 42.444' , -112° 55.152'
Runway 11/29 2716 ft x 43 ft
Ownership UDWR



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Description: A historic airstrip on the north end of the Great Salt Lake. The UBCP, and in large part board member Cory Wolf, worked with local representatives to accomplish quite a historic event...the re-opening of a transcontinental airmail route airport - Locomotive Springs. Locomotive Springs was used as a transitionary stop between Salt Lake and Idaho but when range of aircraft began improving, it quickly fell by the wayside. The UBCP has restored the two dirt airstrips, along with the directional concrete arrow, put up a windsock, and is looking forward to additional future improvements. As always, pilots are requested to adhere to the UBCP's Code of Conduct to help us maintain our strong working agreements with the BLM.

Runways: 2,716' long x 43' wide runway running east/west (11/29). Mostly compacted dirt with 1 foot tall berm on all sides. Second Runway 1,884' x 50' running north/south (18/36).

Approach Considerations: Sign placed on approach end of runway 11 approximately 3 feet tall right next to cattle fence. Old brick chimney located north of final approach path for Runway 11 approximately 600' west northwest of the approach end approximately 15 feet tall. Please be courteous of fishermen near the springs on final approach for Runway 11.

Amenities: None.

Windsock: Yes, located between the runways halfway down the east/west runway, surrounded by a white compass rose.






Cory Wolf
3 years ago in a Truck

Today a group of us drove out to Locomotive Springs to put some of the finishing touches (for now) on Locomotive Springs. Both airstrips were dragged to remove any the vegetation that had grown. We also walked both runways with hand tools to remove any bushes, roots, rocks, etc as well as fill in any soft spots. While the strip is a little powdery in some spots, overall it is now once again in great condition. A new sign identifying the area as an active runway was placed at the entrance, a new windsock was set up in the middle of the segmented circle, and the arrow was painted. A member also brought a tractor out to remove some of the berm between the north/south runway and the parking area. Thank you so much for those that came out and make quick work of the tasks we had to knock out!

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John Clayton
3 years ago in a Husky A1-B with 31' ABW tires

Flew into Locomotive Springs on July 27th and made two landings on the on the north south runway. The runway was in good condition with the soil being firm with little dust. There was grass that had filled in on the north end and was approximately 6 inches tall. The rest of the strip had small patches all along the runway. I made one take off on the east west and one on the north south runway. The east west runway was in the same condition as the north south. I did one take off on this

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