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Mackie Ranch Airfield

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 5642 ft
Lat/Long 37.5328, -113.7485
37° 31.9688' , -113° 44.9087'
Runway 5/23 2450 ft x 70 ft
Ownership Private



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Information updated November 17, 2022 @ 7:19pm

Description: Mackie Ranch Airfield is a private landing strip located 3 miles southwest of Enterprise, Utah and surrounded by the Dixie National Forest. UBCP members may use this airstrip.

Runway: Runway 5/23 is 2450' x 70' and consists of a gravel / dirt surface in fair condition. Hump mid-field limits visibility of opposite end of runway. Use caution for livestock on the runway.

Approach Considerations: Left traffic. 150' cliff 1/2 mile off approach end of Rwy 23. Rwy 23 departure is into rising terrain. 

Ammenities: Parking with tie downs, restrooms, camping, hiking, and cell service. Electric fence around parking area is to keep livestock out of the parking area.

Windsock: Yes (mid-field)

Weather: OR

Justin Mackie
P: 435-414-1040
C: 702-266-2190

Justin Mackie
11 months ago

Runway is graded and smooth. Some small rocks persist, dirt as freshly cut is soft and powdery on top. Parking apron is uncut ground cover grasses, soon to be cut. porta potty and campfire fire ring are open for use.

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Justin Mackie
1 year ago

UT91 Mackie Ranch in southern Utah isnt safely usable at this time. It will clean up in a good weekend of work but it wont likely be dry enough until late April to get in and fix it. We stuck in this morning with the help of an overnight freeze to firm up the mud. Friends of Mackie Ranch Airfield - UT91

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Tom Greninger
1 year ago in a Kodiak 100 with 29 " tires

As a new member of UBCP and my first report, the airstrip was very good. Perhaps a little soft with the recent grading. Thanks you for the grading. The windsock was good to have with the crosswinds. This was our first off airport landing with the Kodiak. A big Thank You for allowing us to visit from Cedar City.

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Tyler Gleave

Thanks Tom!

1 year ago
Roy Evans II

Thanks for the report Tom! And congrats on the first dirt landing in the Kodiak!

1 year ago
Justin Mackie
1 year ago in a C182 with 8.50 tires

Rain damage to the runway and vegetation growth has been repaired. Small stones and surface dust still persist. Runway perimeter fence has been completed so livestock is no longer a runway hazard.

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Roy Evans II

Can't wait to finally check the place out!

1 year ago
Justin Mackie
2 years ago in a C175 with 8.50 tires

Runway was bladed, raked and rolled this weekend. All rain ruts from winter have been graded smooth. Some small rocks and stones persist on the native dirt runway surface. Open for use. Not recommended for landing if wet. New runway fence will be completed this week finalizing the airfields separation from the rest of the ranch preventing livestock from entering the runway. Campfires permitted until it gets too dry. Firewood and fire ring are there at the parking apron.

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Ted Abbott

Ted Abbott. Flew in 5- 28 -22 . runway is very well done . smooth & compacted. Will be a great destination for picnic or campout. Also a new latrine. Mr mackie has don a great job on airstrip and when we use it take good care of it. Thanks Mr Mackie. Stinson 108 8 8-50 tires.

1 year ago
Justin Mackie

Thanks Ted!!

1 year ago
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