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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 5090 ft
Lat/Long 41.0131, -111.682
41° 0.784' , -111° 40.919'
Runway 12/30 2500 ft
Ownership Private


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Information updated September 13, 2022 @ 6:11pm

Flood Irrigated field. Prior Permission Required! Contact Ryan Pace at 801-301-2429 for more information.

Cory Wolf
1 year ago in a C205 with 850s tires

Private airstrip that requires permission to land. Smooth grass field in a beautiful location along a stream.

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Tyler Gleave

I wish my lawn looked that nice

1 year ago
Greg Musselman

Cory, UT01 is available to use and can be listed on your website. The southern strip is 1200’ long and has been cleaned up. The northern strip is 900’ long and has only been mowed, expect it to be bumpy. There is a windsock west of the northern strip but it is barely hanging on. I need to get a new sock and put on it. There is a sensitive neighbors

1 year ago
Greg Musselman

Sensitive neighbor to the north, please don’t fly over the houses directly North of the north strip. All traffic patterns are to the East. There is a tree and fence line just south of the southern end of the south strip. Have fun!

1 year ago
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