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Road Junction 95-276

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4815 ft
Lat/Long 38.035, -110.5868
38° 2.1' , -110° 35.208'
Runway 13/31 2500 ft
Dirt, asphalt
Ownership BLM


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Information updated February 3, 2023 @ 9:56am

Cracked asphalt surface per the report.  Serviceable. Windsock candidate.

Jackson Zoellner
2 years ago in a GA-8 with 8.50 tires

Redtail Air flew 2 loads of canyoneers into the strip in the morning and flew them out in the afternoon. Airstrip runs roughly northwest-southeast. Airstrip outline can be seen from google images/maps. Uphill gradient to the northwest (towards Henry mountains) and I approximate it about the same as Hite. There are 2 sand/rock berms on the west side of the runway near the very south end that do not appear on google maps/images. Creates an illusion of a wingtip strike hazard when approaching/departing from the south but our Kodiak landed and had enough wingtip clearance that it wasn't an issue. Centerline integrity a must. Google maps distance drawing tool puts the landable runway at about 2000'. I'd say that's about accurate. The airstrip is cracked and deteriorating pavement. Loose pebble-sized rock and pavement throughout length of strip. It's only about 20' wide (estimation). Both sides of the runway are soft desert sand. There is a turnaround and parking portion on the south end of the strip that is wide enough to park a few airplanes and turn around without much issue. There is a wider section of the runway on the north end that is mostly just a sandy turnaround. Both our airplanes used this area to turn around without sinking in at all. All landings in the GA8 with 8.50's were uphill. Had a quartering headwind for each landing @ about 5-7 kts in the morning and 15-25 kts in the afternoon. Airstrip played much longer than 2000' with the uphill gradient and headwind component. Didn't need to touch the brakes and was slowed down well in advance of the turnaround on the northwest end. 3 takeoffs downhill (southwest) dealing with the quartering tailwind and one uphill into rising terrain when the wind was 25 kts in the afternoon. I'd suggest always taking off downhill, the sloping terrain down the highway towards Leprechaun canyon provides more than enough opportunity to accelerate and keep terrain clearance. My one takeoff uphill was heavy but no-where near gross weight and I wish I would have gone downhill even with the tailwind. The Kodiak experienced much the same results but was more capable taking off uphill.

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Slot Canyons

Added by Gary Hilley 1 year ago

This strip is used for access to nearby slot canyons. Typically shuttled with vehicles

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