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Spiral Jetty

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4256 ft
Lat/Long 41.4585, -112.6888
41° 27.51' , -112° 41.328'
Runway 11/29 2000 ft x 13 ft
Ownership State Sovereign Land / Private



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Information updated March 15, 2024 @ 4:47pm

Description: The Spiral Jetty airstrip appears more like a rutted two-track road that runs along the shoreline of the Great Salt Lake almost 2 miles north of the famous Spiral Jetty. The airstrip lies on State Sovereign Land to the west and Private Land to the east. 

Runway: 1250 ft long x 13 ft wide hard rutted two-track road with a slight slope towards the lake.

Approach Considerations: Prefer approaching from the west, departing to the west. Out of courtesy to visitors of the Spiral Jetty suggest you keep your approaches and departures over the lake.

Amenities: No

Windsock: Yes! Just installed!

Bret Kobe visited 2 weeks ago in a Cessna 170B with 26 tires

In great condition, the goat head thorns are getting bad out there so be careful if you have thin tires, the Desser 4 ply will puncture with these.

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Wendy Lessig visited 1 month ago in a Cessna 172 with 8.00 tires

Light breeze kept the gnats away

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Josh Kelson

You flying a Cessna 172 now Wendy?? lol

1 month ago
Cory Wolf visited 2 months ago in a C205 with 850 tires

The strip is in great condition. The addition of the windsock is nice…once I found it. It’s kind of hidden on the northeast side of the strip in the bushes.

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Buster Delmonte visited 3 months ago in a C-180J with 8.50 tires

First time in. Thanks to those that put up the new wind sock! Surface condition good. Only thing I saw was some 4' brush/bushes on the eastern half that are only 15-20' centerline. High wing clears them, but they're a distraction on the rollout. Surprised to see 8-10 cars parked further down at spiral jetty on a Wed... avoid to be friendly.

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Josh Kelson visited 4 months ago in a PA-18 SuperCub with 31” tires

Put up a brand new windsock here! UBCP work party. Strip is in good condition, just a two track road. Horses in the vicinity came to say hi.

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