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Spiral Jetty

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4256 ft
Lat/Long 41.4585, -112.6888
41° 27.51' , -112° 41.328'
Runway 11/29 2000 ft x 13 ft
Ownership State Sovereign Land / Private



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Information updated March 15, 2024 @ 4:47pm

Description: The Spiral Jetty airstrip appears more like a rutted two-track road that runs along the shoreline of the Great Salt Lake almost 2 miles north of the famous Spiral Jetty. The airstrip lies on State Sovereign Land to the west and Private Land to the east. 

Runway: 1250 ft long x 13 ft wide hard rutted two-track road with a slight slope towards the lake.

Approach Considerations: Prefer approaching from the west, departing to the west. Out of courtesy to visitors of the Spiral Jetty suggest you keep your approaches and departures over the lake.

Amenities: No

Windsock: Yes! Just installed!

Cory Wolf
1 year ago in a C205 with 850 tires

A little more growth than the last time I was here. Strip is in good shape otherwise. Pretty smooth. More growth on the two track both north and south tells me that the rancher traffic has decreased from what it was.

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Wendy Lessig
1 year ago in a Piper PA-12 (supercub) with 31” Bushwheels tires

I did a fly-by and took photos. The airstrip looks to be in good condition. Did not land due to the ongoing sovereign lands discussion which will determine if we can someday land at Spiral Jetty again.

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Lee Trotter
3 years ago in a ACA Scout with 31 ABW tires

The runway is actually a 4 wheeler road that is quite long (>3000 ft). No significant ruts. 850 tires would be just fine. At first I was looking for a 1200ft landing strip and landed on this long "road". Just to the west about 30 yrds is a sand beach with a strip about 1200 ft long. I thought this was the actual landing strip so I cleaned up the area, then tested it out...shazam! It was nice. Beware of a 4ft post on the south approach end. The high water edge is currently usable for about 30 ft out toward the water. Otherwise, > 30 ft the shore looks good but you will sink 1-2 inches walking on the "dry" surface.

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Roy Evans II
4 years ago in a PA11 with 8.00 tires

Overflew airstrip. Appears to be in good condition. No major ruts or rocks on landing surface. Still working on the legalities of the airstrip.

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