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Moqui Fork

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 5945 ft
Lat/Long 38.3888, -110.163
38° 23.328' , -110° 9.78'
Runway 17/35 946 ft x 30 ft
Rwy 17 Uphill 0.5%
Ownership BLM


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Gary Hilley
8 months ago in a Super Cub with 31 tires

pretty rough with a lot of plants. bumps 6-8" tall. Strip has wind eroded down a bit so wing clearance would be a concern for low wing. I would recommend big tires, and tailwheel, or someone who can keep nose wheel unloaded nearly all of roll out. about 500 ft usable right now. I think with some work we could easily get 1000ft +. Land to the south, uphill in the middle of the strip


Gary Hilley
1 year ago in a Super Cub with 31 tires

Still there, still rough. But a great location!


Slot Canyon

Added by Gary Hilley 8 months ago

Just northwest of this strip is High Spur slot canyon

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