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Dark Canyon South

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Frequency Unknown
Elevation Unknown
Lat/Long 37.8242, -110.0901
37° 49.452' , -110° 5.406'

Ownership BLM


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Information updated April 25, 2024 @ 5:30pm

Work to restore the runway at Dark Canyon will hopefully begin soon. In the meantime, the airstrip is in a rough condition. Please exercise extreme caution.

Wendy Lessig visited 2 months ago in a Piper PA-12 with 26” bushwheels tires

Airstrip has 2-track rutted road along the south length. The north length is full of sagebrush. No place to land at the moment. Cleanup will take more than a drag. Spectacular canyon overlook on the east end. This airstrip would be one of Uta’s jewels once it is refurbished. Notice the herd of cattle in the lower right on one of the photos.

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Ben Crowder visited 6 months ago in a Carbon Cub FX-3 with 31 tires

Tried landing a couple spots today, but kept getting scared off my large sage brush and sprouting trees like the last report. I think the far eastern end going uphill could be landed by someone with more skills, but the grass is tall and could be obscuring obstacles. Needs work for sure, could be a fun strip.

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Regan Richmond visited 2 years ago in a C-185 with 8.0 tires

Intended to land but didn’t. Large brush, ruts, and sprouting trees. Perhaps suitable for bigger tires, but I didn’t dare with my 8.00 and standard t-wheel

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Regan Richmond visited 2 years ago in a C-185 with 8.0 tires

Low pass overflight only. Large brush and clump grass. Wouldn't land without big tires and STOL capable airplane. Road that runs parallel could be landed just as well or better. The Dark Canyon North strip is better condition.

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Paul Barry visited 4 years ago in a Maule M-5

there are 2 strips at or near Dark Canyon. The satellite image associated with this strip (on this site) shows the strip to the south along Woodenshoe RD at 37 49.420N 110 05.341W. The Dark Canyon Plateau strip is north of the canyon at 37 53.772N 110 05.573W and it was pretty rough when I landed there years ago. Which one is going to be fixed up?

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Dark Canyon South's airstrip has been identified on USGS maps since 1980. You can view this historic map below or download it by clicking here.