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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4670 ft
Lat/Long 38.675, -108.9883
38° 40.5' , -108° 59.2998'
Runway 18/36 2358 ft x 75 ft
Rwy 18 Uphill 3.4%
Ownership BLM


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Description: This is a private airstrip servicing the resort town of Gateway. Uphill to the south and tucked into the junction of a canyon, this strip, while long and in good condition, should be still given caution.

Runway: The centerline of the runway is mostly small gravel and hard pack dirt. Towards the edges larger rocks and clumps of grass may cause a problem for smaller tire aircraft. Sloping considerably uphill to the south the runway ends nearly at the canyon wall. With a tailwind on final a late go around may not be possible. Downhill landings into the wind are possible but will require a modified final to avoid higher terrain just off the end of the runway. 

Approach Considerations: Strong swirling canyon winds are possible here. The prevailing winds favor a tailwind in the uphill direction. This can be quite hazardous for go arounds and landing surveys. Early go arounds and downhill landing surveys should be accomplished. Landing downhill will require terrain avoidance with low altitude maneuvering. Be cautious landing uphill as the sloping uphill terrain may create a visual illusion producing a lower than normal approach path. 

Parking: Should be arranged with ownership, but the south end offers some room along with a concrete pad near midfield. 
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