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Potato Ridge

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Frequency 122.90
Elevation 5055 ft
Lat/Long 39.2254, -109.2673
39° 13.5223' , -109° 16.0352'
Runway 800 ft x 20 ft
Ownership BLM


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Information updated March 4, 2024 @ 4:26pm

Old airstrip with some nice canyon hiking & exploring nearby. Short and rough, but nice spot to get away to.

Marc Lassaux visited 1 month ago in a ICP Savannah S with 21 tires

Potato is looking great after the recent work was done to it. Nice job to those that helped!! Much more usable area now.

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Wendy Lessig visited 3 months ago in a PA-12 with 26” Bushwheels tires

Airstrip is in great condition. 1,750 ft length, 20 ft width, with 40-ft diameter turnarounds at each end. South 1/3 of airstrip is smoothest. There are two small humps in the runway surface, one around mid-field and the other closer to the north end that may launch your plane back in the air if airspeed is too fast, but plenty of runway length to recover. Use caution when getting off of the runway. There are several large critter holes that could swallow a nose wheel and make for a sad day.

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Marc Lassaux visited 5 months ago in a Savannah S with 21 tires

Overflew potato today. Too muddy to land after the snow two days ago but nice the see some tracks from usage in the recent past.

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Marc Lassaux visited 1 year ago in a ICP Savannah S with 21 tires

Potato is about the same a previous report. Weeds a little higher in some areas but not bad.

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