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Rustler Canyon

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4669 ft
Lat/Long 38.2724, -109.7263
38° 16.344' , -109° 43.578'
Runway 13/31 2800 ft x 12 ft
Dirt Road
Ownership SITLA


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Karen Larson
4 months ago in a Super Cub with 31” tires

Narrow long strip. Encroaching vegetation, but in good shape. Extremely picturesque on a non-hazy day!


Gary Hilley
8 months ago in a Super Cub with 31 tires

Rutting has become worse, but still very usable.


Roger Rollins
1 year ago in a Maule M5 180C with 8.50 tires

Echo comments by Randy. This is a picturesque spot. With a little work on the runway, could be a destination for several planes at a time. Not smooth, but quite landable. Pretty flat, so either direction for ldg/to. Was just a bit buggy the day we were there. Not much wind.


Randy Owen
1 year ago in a Zenith 701 with 800 x 6 tires

Flew into Rustler Canyon this morning. It is in surprisingly good shape. Landing 31, there is some minor lengthwise rutting (2-3” deep) caused be water runoff for the first couple hundred feet or so (see closeup photos). The surface seemed plenty firm. Several stretches of the runway have weeds/flowers growing in the center, about a foot high. However, there is no sagebrush, so it’s fairly safe to roll through. One morning with a string trimmer would make it about perfect. I’d never been there before, and I have to say it’s one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever flown into. This strip is a hidden gem. I saw no other aircraft tracks, only some pretty old vehicle tracks.


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