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Angel Point

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 5287 ft
Lat/Long 38.3255, -110.4353
38° 19.53' , -110° 26.118'
Runway 11/29 3500 ft x 30 ft
Ownership SITLA (NW) / BLM (SE)



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Description: Angel Point is a widened county road that's hilly surface prevents you from being able to see one end from the other. Angel Point is one of the three back country airstrips included in the State's "FLY UTAH Passport Program". To learn more, head to their website. Rudimentary parking area at south end of north/south runway.

Runway: 3500 ft long x 30 ft wide hard dirt runway with rolling hills along the length of the landing surface.

Additional Runway: 1800 ft long x 30 ft wide running 03/21. Crosswind runway suitable for high performance STOL aircraft only.

Approach Considerations: Due to its nature, recommend pilots be cautious of vehicle traffic. Typically land to the north, depart to the south. 

Amenities: No

Windsock: Yes

Michael Mayra
1 year ago in a Maule with 31 tires

Appeared as if both runways had been graded recently. Great condition.


Michael Mayra
1 year ago in a Maule with 8.50 tires

Both runways are in good condition. Landed East/west and the hill in the middle is a nice natural brake. Takeoff from the top of the hill allows for plenty of additional energy in either direction. Slightly rising terrain to the east so I elected for take off to west.


Cory Wolf
1 year ago in a C205 with 850s tires

Runways are in great shape, including the section to the south overlook. The windsock is shredded though and needs to be replaced.

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Larry Nagel
1 year ago in a C150/150 with 6.00 tires

Nice fall day, a bit on the windy side. Landed to the east and took off to the west. This was my first landing at a Utah back country strip. Great fun and challenging.

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Perry Hacking
2 years ago in a T206H with oversize stock tires

Landed east, took off on cross-wind runway to the north (calm).


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