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Fry Canyon

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 5372 ft
Lat/Long 37.6515, -110.1709
37° 39.09' , -110° 10.254'
Runway 14/32 3400 ft x 80 ft
Ownership BLM NM


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RWY 30 is uphill 1.70%. Caution: RWY 30 has a displaced threshold and is uphill. When conditions allow, it's recommended to land uphill on RWY 30 and to take-off down hill on 12. When landing on RWY 30, land just past the road that crosses the airstrip. Approximately 2,382 ft of the airstrip are NW/up-hill of the road. Usually, airplanes are able to taxi across the road to park downhill from the airstrip. The airstrip is not usable when wet.  There is a slot canyon to explore nearby and Anasazi ruins across the canyon. The runway was bladed in 2012. On a 4-3-19 visit it was obvious airplanes had been visiting the airstrip. The windsock was in great condition and for the most part, the airstrip to the NW of the road was smooth with a few small bushes starting.

Karen Larson
4 months ago in a Super Cub with 31” tires

Lots of vegetation makes for bumpy roll-outs, but good hard surface with no ruts that I could tell on the main strip just past the dirt road landing uphill. Walked down to see the cliff dwellings.


Michael Mayra
9 months ago in a Maule with 31s tires

Little bit of vegetation on the runway. Firm surface underneath. Kitfox on 8.50s made it no problem.


Eric Berg
10 months ago in a C182P with 8.00 tires

Vehicle traffic on Rwy has produced non-linear ruts, mainly S edge strip. The NW antique hood is gone, but remaining, now in NW brush pile, is a shovel and plywood pads I stashed there yrs ago.


Donald Goodman
10 months ago in a C182P with 8.50 tires

Runway very good condition. A bit soft at the displaced threshold of 30 (at the road intersection). Wind sock torn and now a "wind flag". The "Caution Runway" sign on the road (west side of runway) is illegible.


Roger Rollins
1 year ago in a Maule M5 180C with 8.50 tires

Prefer landing NW if possible, touching down as noted beyond the intersecting road. Dusty the day I was there. Two other C180’s came in while I was there. Didn’t have time to explore. Maybe next time. Other than being right next to a highway, this is a fine strip.


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