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Gruver's Mesa

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 4836 ft
Lat/Long 38.7161, -110.2056
38° 42.966' , -110° 12.336'
Runway 9/27 1370 ft x 30 ft
Rwy 27 Uphill 0.3%
Ownership BLM



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Gruver’s Mesa:

Description: The airstrip sits atop Gruver's Mesa just south of the San Rafael River.

Runway: Runway 9/27 consists of a 1370’x30’ cleared section on the western end of a two-track road (the full runway length is 3500', including the uncleared portion). Runway 5/23 is 2200' and is overgrown and not recommended.

Approach Considerations: The airstrip sits atop a mesa and approaches from any direction are unobstructed.

Amenities: Primitive camping is available on the strip. No formal amenities. The location offers good access to several slot canyons nearby. Moonshine Wash and Three Finger Canyon are two of them. Via the slot canyons, the Green and San Rafael Rivers should be accessible as well.

Windsock: No

Marc Lassaux
1 month ago in a ICP Savannah S with 8.00-6 tires

As others have said there are some washboards on the runway but they are tolerable. They looked worse from the air than they were when I got on the ground. Good areas to turn around that were a little soft, but not too bad.


4 months ago in a Rans S-21 with 8.50 22” tires

Runway is bumpy at best but nothing beyond annoying. The turnaround at the east end is SUPER soft and my tire was just pushing straight through the soft sand and not turning. Be careful not to get stuck if you have small tires.

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Patrick Baxter
5 months ago in a Scout with 8.50 tires

Runway is in good condition, but with minor washboarding in areas. The turn-arounds, parking areas and ungraded areas to the sides of the runway are very soft.


Cory Wolf
6 months ago in a C205 with 850s tires

We camped here for one night to explore Moonshine Wash. The strip is in very good shape. It’s firmed up but is still soft in the parking areas and anywhere off of the groomed portions. Some washboarding is starting to develop, but nothing too bad.


Gary Hilley
7 months ago in a Super Cub with 31 tires

Getting some use now. surface is in good shape.


Mini Slot Canyon

Added by Gary Hilley 7 months ago

A narrow little 2 to 3.5 hour slot canyon with 2 rappels to 30 feet. Or just out to the 1st rappel and back with no gear. Large frame canyoneers may not enjoy this slot and may have difficulty threading the anchor ring due to the constriction at the start of the final rappel. This canyon is right off the NE end of the airstrip


Added by Cory Wolf 6 months ago

Moonshine Wash is an easy 1 mile hike from the runway. The west fork of Moonshine Wash can be accessed approximately mid way. Locate Moonshine Spring and follow it along its south rim. From this area the wash can be easily accessed. Turning north you'll run into a 20-30' down climb that can be managed by either chimneying down, or with ropes or webbing. Once past this obstacle, you can make it to the junction of the east and west fork. Continuing up the east you can reach the slot as well as the sheep bridge before needing to do any more up climbs.

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