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Mineral Canyon

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Airstrip Info

Frequency 122.90
Elevation 3946 ft
Lat/Long 38.5293, -109.9946
38° 31.758' , -109° 59.676'
Runway 15/33 2100 ft x 25 ft
Rwy 33 Uphill 0.7%
Ownership BLM



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Description: Mineral Canyon's airstrip resides in the Green River canyon just south of the Bowknot Bend. Mineral Canyon is one of the three back country airstrips included in the State's "FLY UTAH Passport Program". To learn more, head to their website.

Runway: 2000 ft long x 40 ft wide dirt runway in good condition.

Approach Considerations: Airstrip resides inside a canyon with rapidly rising terrain within 1000 feet of the airstrip rising over 1000 feet above the landing surface.

Amenities: None

Windsock: Yes

Randy Owen
1 year ago in a Zenith 701 with 800x6 tires

Runway was dry and smooth. At the very northwest end near the windsock the last couple hundred feet was a little soft and sandy.


Russell Obrien
1 year ago in a C170B with 8.00 tires



Cory Wolf
1 year ago in a C205 with 850s tires

Again this is probably the best I've seen Mineral Canyon. Excellent condition.


Cory Wolf
2 years ago in a C205 with 850s tires

Smooth and hard packed. In great shape after the Fall work party.


Roger Rollins
2 years ago in a Maule M5 180C with 8.50 tires

I had a great time camping here in 2018, on the west side of the runway among the tamarisk and partly under a large cottonwood. With more rain this year, the parking/camping areas are overgrown more than last year. Still a great strip. Landed 14 and took off 32. Strip is flat. When taking off 32 there is slight rising terrain on rwy centerline, but easy to follow the river upstream to avoid. Work day made a big difference. Thanks to all.


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