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Tony Stewart was at Locomotive Springs
1 day ago in a Rans S7S with 8.50 x 6 tires

Foliage on the strip is only a few inches tall, did a brief walkaround of the area and did not see any notable ruts or bumps. Performed touch and go's on both runways and conditions are soft yet firm all around.

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Josh Kelson was at Antelope Mountain
4 days ago in a PA-18 SuperCub with 31 tires

Trenches across the runway. Unsafe to land.

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Roy Evans II

We'll likely remove it since your report matches what we've thought was there on Google Earth. Thanks for the report!

1 day ago
Josh Kelson was at Ibex / Tule Valley Hardpan
5 days ago in a PA-18 SuperCub with 31 tires

IBEX is great, no standing water. Pulled the windsock down and took home for repair as the sock frame broke. Will repair and fly back out there to stand it back up. Was out there for the UBCP fly-in. Great event! Thanks for all those that out it on and Tyler for driving a grill down!

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Tyler Gleave

Great turnout - it was nice to see everyone again.

3 days ago
Roy Evans II was at Ibex / Tule Valley Hardpan
6 days ago in a PA-11 with 8.00x6 tires

Hardpan is in great shape for this weekend’s fly-in!

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Charles McNall

did you see a windsock? i couldn't find it 2 weeks ago.

6 days ago
Tyler Gleave

@Charles - my understanding is that the connection between the windsock frame and pole broke. Josh/Roy/Steve are working on getting it fixed.

4 days ago
Bruce Dunlop was at Mexican Mountain
1 week ago in a Murphy Rebel with 26 tires

Cows were gone for 2 weeks prior. Lots of evidence of cows camping in the area. Otherwise lovely spot.

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Tom Herbert was at Mineral Canyon
2 weeks ago in a C182 with 600 tires

The upstream end has a lot of soft sand. Be light on the brakes at the end.

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sam chambers was at Moon Ridge
2 weeks ago in a C180 with 29” tires

Large piles of horse apples in the runway, shallow ruts. Otherwise In pretty good condition.

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sam chambers was at Willow Flats
2 weeks ago in a C180 with 29 tires

Northern 3rd of runway has good sized sage brush. Pulled a bunch of small ones, but big ones require tools. Still plenty of runway, but north end needs work. Looks like a good place to camp. Did not inspect the crosswind.

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Roy Evans II was at Fremont Island Upper
2 weeks ago in a PA-11 with 8.00x6 tires

It's gnat season out on the island! Would recommend you bring bug spray or enjoy the island when there's a solid 10 mph wind reported.

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Josh Kelson

Ya it’s bad. We got eaten alive! Was itching bites for a solid week.

2 days ago
sam chambers was at Steer Ridge West
2 weeks ago in a C180 with 29 tires

Did not land, airstrip hard to define, looks to be pretty overgrown. It was easier to see from higher, not much definition between the runway and surrounding vegetation.

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