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Josh Kelson was at Happy Canyon
4 days ago in a PA-18 SuperCub with 31” tires

Went down to Happy Canyon for an expedition to the Dirty Devil. About an 11 mile hike one way. While at the airstrip I rehabilitated about 50 feet of runway right at the west end. If someone goes down there and remembers to bring some orange or white paint...hit those cones on the end with a good spray! Also, please be aware of postholing...turning your aircraft on 1 tire. It makes a big hole that can set up and get firm. I fixed before we left. Runway is in good condition, same as always!

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Craig Gustafson was at Nokai Dome
4 days ago in a Carbon Cub EX-3 with 31" tires

Beautiful strip with great views southwest of Navajo Mountain and northeast towards the Abajos. Most folks will land uphill on runway 7 and camp at the uphill end of the strip. Multiple fire rings and soft, sandy spots for pitching tent, which we did. Plentiful firewood to be gathered here, and excellent cell phone service available. 11 miles south of Cal Black (Halls Crossing) where you can buy 100LL & mogas (no card reader, so attendant must be present to run your card in the office). Definitely recommend!

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Wendy Lessig was at Potato Ridge
4 days ago in a PA-12 with 26” Bushwheels tires

Airstrip is in great condition. 1,750 ft length, 20 ft width, with 40-ft diameter turnarounds at each end. South 1/3 of airstrip is smoothest. There are two small humps in the runway surface, one around mid-field and the other closer to the north end that may launch your plane back in the air if airspeed is too fast, but plenty of runway length to recover. Use caution when getting off of the runway. There are several large critter holes that could swallow a nose wheel and make for a sad day.

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Craig Gustafson was at Fry Canyon
4 days ago in a Carbon Cub EX-3 with 31" tires

Fry Canyon is a super long strip right on the edge of Fry Canyon, which is a cool mildly technical canyoneering route. Land uphill on runway 30, after the road which cuts across the middle of the strip. Depart downhill on runway 12. If you park at the downhill end of the runway, you'll walk southeast towards the bridge over the head Fry Canyon, and drop into the canyon there. Roundtrip hike from the south end of the runway thru the Fry Canyon canyoneering route and back to the plane was 6.9 miles. Took us about 2.5 hours total. There's a 60 foot rappel into the crux of the canyon, then a 75 foot swim down canyon. Camping up above Fry Canyon with views down onto Anasazi ruins is pretty cool, and its easy walking distance from the runway (a few hundred feet).

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Josh Kelson

Curious what length rope you used? Anchors established or used your own? This looks like a good time! Found this website, seems like maybe there are two entry points?

1 day ago
Chris Robison was at Buckhorn Flats
1 week ago in a Zenith 701 with 21” tires

Buckhorn flats sits on top of Carpenter Ridge between Paradox Valley and Roc Creek. Winds can be very squirrely here at times. Runway direction 01/19. Land South and takeoff North, uphill to the South. Airstrip is not very flat, and has three small hills, but overall the surface is fairly smooth. Best touchdown spot is right past North turnaround. Nice fire ring and flat area in an island of trees 100ft NW of the North turnaround. There are also water troughs in the vicinity so cattle may be present certain times of the year. Beautiful location!

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Craig Gustafson

thanks for scouting that out and cleaning it up Chris!

5 days ago
Josh Kelson was at Split Mountain Air
1 week ago in a PA-18 SuperCub with 31” tires

Stopped into Split Mountain on my way home from Arkansas. Right next to Dinosaur National Monument, it has some amazing scenery in the area. The strip is uphill to the north, and is good and firm. I landed to the south, downhill, but would recommend landing uphill. If a go around is needed, try to decide early as there is rising terrain. Shouldn't be an issue though as there is room for turns away from that terrain. Takeoff to the south downhill typically. Lots of neighbors around so stop in and stay a bit. Some old hangars to take a look at. Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet the owners but perhaps next time. I need to bring some transportation and make it into Dinosaur National Monument, which apparently is just 3 miles away!

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Erik Middleton

Hey Josh, sorry we missed you. We do have a rental car available. Not asking much just enough to keep it running and insurance.

1 week ago
Josh Kelson

Great to know!

1 week ago
Regan Richmond was at Happy Canyon
1 week ago in a Cessna 150/150 with 8.0 tires

Great strip, has some bumps and hips, but a fun spot and good intro strip for backcountry flying.

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Regan Richmond was at Dirty Devil
1 week ago in a Cessna 150/150 with 8.0 tires

South end has a small washout area and brush. Full length is soft dirt layer and firm underneath. Great strip.

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Buster Delmonte was at La Sal Junction Airport
2 weeks ago in a C-180J with 8.50 tires

Only eastern half really usable. Western half fairly well grown over; brush in center of runway close to 2' high. Soft dirt composition even when dry and on the 'rough' side taxiing with my 8.50s. Definitely wouldn't go in there with any smaller of tires. Windsock mounted to main building on the west side of rwy. Notable upslope (2-3 degrees?) landing east. Takeoff downhill west very nice. The turn around on the east side is massive and the best place to park in hindsight. There is a small parking area mid-rwy but it also serves as a gate/road off the airport so parking there could conflict with ground vehicles. Biggest thing I found was to plan where to turn around... only good place is on the very east end of the runway. Elsewhere there are either notable size sage brush along the runway edge or fairly deep drainage ditches running on either side. For aircraft like cubs probably not an issue to man-handle; but pushing that -180 around was a challenge.

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Buster Delmonte was at La Sal Junction Airport
2 weeks ago in a C-180J with 8.50 tires

More pics...

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