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Neil Amonson was at Ibex / Tule Valley Hardpan
1 week ago in a C182 with 850 x 10 tires

95% of the lake bed is flooded and covered in ice/mud/snow. A couple small spots to put a plane down on the edges. The dry spots were firm but anything dark or wet is sticky mud.

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Still rutted and previous reports are still accurate. Not the best looking strip but the Factory Butte area is amazing and worth some low, slow, exploring.

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Russell Robinson was at Hidden Splendor
3 weeks ago in a H130 with NA tires

Gorgeous airstrip and lives up to its name! Cool miners cabin just south of the strip. Looking forward to catching the Muddy Creek after a big rain for some epic pack rafting from this spot.

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Cory Wolf

I really want to float that section. I've got a line on a way to logistically get dropped on the north end. Maybe we could work together to make it happen!

1 week ago
Russell Robinson was at Sweetwater Reef
3 weeks ago in a H130

CAUTION: Barbed wire fence across airstrip about halfway down the strip!! It's still possible to land with STOL capabilities. The airstrip itself is in decent shape but not a great location other than some rock formations that could be explored by foot about 1/2 mile to the SW of the strip.

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Roy Evans II

Thanks for the update, Russ!

3 weeks ago
sam chambers was at Mexican Mountain
1 month ago in a C180 with 29 tires

2” of snow. Cattle around airstrip.

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Russell Robinson was at La Sal Junction Airport
1 month ago in a Airbus H130 Helicopter with NA tires

I graded the west side of the strip about 3 months ago as I own this property now. The east side remains BLM property. The west side of the runway is lower and flooding drains silt to this side. (Very soft when wet). Working on getting a nice windsock installed and welcome any advice on brands and best processes for installation. I have a few hundred gallons of Jet fuel in the warehouse next to the runway if anyone gets in a bind and needs Jet A. You can find my contact info listed in the member section. Blue skies!

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Russell Robinson

The runway length is now about 3600 long and the identifier is 01UT

1 month ago
Gary Hilley

Sent you an email

1 month ago
Jack Holt

Good to know, this sounds great. Thanks!

1 month ago
Steve Morrison was at Mexican Mountain
2 months ago in a Aviat Husky with 31 tires

Runway dry and in good condition. A little dusty today. Temperature in the high 40’s. Perfect.

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Steve Morrison was at Cedar Mountain
2 months ago in a Husky with 31 tires

Dry and smooth

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Josh Kelson was at Spiral Jetty
2 months ago in a PA-18 SuperCub with 31 tires

In great condition. Few bushes right on the approach end but still leaves plenty of room to operate.

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Josh Kelson was at Fremont Island Upper
2 months ago in a PA-18 SuperCub with 31 tires

Firm, dry, and in great condition. No bugs. Hopefully dead till spring.

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