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Robert Lees was at Mineral Canyon
2 weeks ago in a Taylorcraft BC12-D 65hp Stromberg no mixture. with 800-6 tires

Just a touch-and-go from the north; not too rough. At least first 3/4 was good & clear. The very southern portion (last 25%) looked green, so possibly a result of water from the Green River. I was T&gone by then. No obvious vehicle ruts. Can't comment on windsock/parking. We then went to Happy Canyon...separate report..... My second time flying T&G at Mineral. I've been there by road and camped many times. One day I'll camp under the wing of my Taylorcraft at Mineral, but it's a long way from my home airfield EGBG. Rob

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Robert Lees

I've got no idea about the windsock, the parking area and the camping area which I am obliged to state in the UCBP form.

6 days ago
Christian Mullins was at Colt Mesa / Silver Falls
2 weeks ago in a Carbon Cub with 31" tires

Cedar tree about one third along landing south to north is tall/big enough to damage right wing, and needs to be avoided. Overall it's narrow but in pretty good shape otherwise. Flowers and surrounding views were excellent.

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Marc Lassaux was at Moon Ridge
2 weeks ago in a ICP Savannah S with 21X8 tires

Moon ridge is in good shape, no snow or mud. There is some sage and horse manure piles. There is no windsock. The south end of the runway has a great camping site. Further south off the edge of the runway and over the cliff there are some interesting overhangs. Most of the snow is gone off the Tavaputs plateau with just areas where drifts are left over.

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Marc Lassaux was at Willow Flats
2 weeks ago in a ICP Savannah S with 21X8 tires

Some larger sage brush that can fairly easily be avoided. I landed to the north for winds and there are some ruts from a UTV or jeep in the runway about 1/3 to 1/2 way down. They were visible from the air on a low flyby. The main north south runway is a little better than the crosswind strip. No windsock but there is a pole available. There is an abandoned camper in the trees south of the crosswind strip and east of the main strip. It was fun to explore. Beautiful area.

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Tyler Gleave

Thanks Marc! Looks like a cool place to explore.

2 weeks ago
Nathan Kurth was at Mineral Canyon
2 weeks ago in a Super Stinson 108-3 with 31" tires

Airstrip is great: the first section of Rwy 29 looked a little suspect (per usual) but upon walking inspection is fine, but has a few minor cow hoove prints in it. Middle camping spot had a ton of red (assume fire) ants. Water in creek is high and flowing. Tons of blooming foliage.

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Nathan Kurth was at Eagle City (Eagle Benches South)
2 weeks ago in a Super Stinson 108-3 with 31" tires

runway is in good condition and as to be expected at this location-typical of mountainous environment airstrips. a few small to medium embedded rocks (not loose) on rwy surface with buffalo/clump grass- may make it a bit bumpy for smaller tires but still doable. Dirt surface is in great condition. Exercised a bit of caution in the parking area with a few scattered rocks but nothing major.

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Nathan Kurth was at Mineral Canyon
2 weeks ago in a Super Stinson 108-3 with 31" tires

Windsock was a bit hard to decipher form the air: looked like alot of orange (paint?) on the ground around it making it hard to see direction from the air. The first 300-350' for Rwy 33 has growth un the runway. opted to land past it and inspect on the ground. Most of the surface in the grass area is nice but there is a decent sized hole on the far right side est 200' from threshold that needs to be avoided. Unfortunately left my shovel at camp so couldn't fill it in. Rest of airstrip soft sand and in good condition. Parking area is hard pan, cracked dirt from a previous water event. no issues taxiing on it.

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sam chambers was at Kastler Compressor
2 weeks ago in a c180

runway overgrown with sage did not land

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Scott Beeson was at Ibex / Tule Valley Hardpan
3 weeks ago in a C210 with 600x6 tires

Super smooth on northern half of lakebed. Very little dust. Totally dry. No problem for tires of any size with or without wheel pants. Southern half of lakebed has somewhat larger cracks but still relatively smooth.

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Josh Kelson

Was there a windsock?

1 week ago

Runway is graded and smooth. Some small rocks persist, dirt as freshly cut is soft and powdery on top. Parking apron is uncut ground cover grasses, soon to be cut. porta potty and campfire fire ring are open for use.

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