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Paul Barry was at Mineral Canyon
2 weeks ago in a Maule M-5 with 26" tires

It had rained a few days before and the strip was dry. It looks like the 4 wheel recreation enthusiasts can't read the sign and been driving onto the strip. Someone left deep ruts on the edge of the strip but it should be far enough off to the side and shouldn't cause a problem. Not sure what can be done to keep vehicles off the strip but it could become an issue with the increased use that the area is seeing.


Kenneth Nimer was at Locomotive Springs
3 weeks ago in a Maule M5-235C with 8.50x6 tires

Slight bumps. Brush growing on runway generally less that 6” tall. No ruts.

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Marc Lassaux was at Rustler Canyon
3 weeks ago in a ICP Savannah S with 8.00-6 tires

The SW edge of the runway seems a little smoother as opposed to the NE edge from vegetation clearing. Amazing spot. Would be fun to try to hike down to river which looks like it is about 4 miles.


Joseph Barrett was at Ibex / Tule Valley Hardpan
3 weeks ago in a Cessna 140 with 6.00x6 tires

The majority of the lakebed was dry with the exception of a few small pools here and there. Someone has made a small rock structure at the south end of the lake and there were quite a few ATV’s. A low pass should be accomplished before landing. There is a wind sock and a flag on top of the rock formation in the center of the lake that provides good reference on which direction to land.


William Lipscomb was at Rustler Canyon
3 weeks ago in a PA-18 with 31” tires

Runway is now about 25ft wide and 1300ft long. The surface still fairly rough from clearing vegetation. With a proficient pilot most backcountry type aircraft should be able to land here. The north end of the strip is somewhat less rough. Enjoy this great place.


Eric Berg was at Fry Canyon
3 weeks ago in a C182 with 8.0/8.5 tires

Clump grasses made it surprisingly bumpy. Next time I’ll reduce pressure in the tires. Erosion not bad on last 2/3 of Rwy 30, lower 1/3 strip to east(not recommended) has significant erosion on the south edge. Take off tail wind came up fairly quickly. Thanks for the sock!

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Josh Kelson was at Boulder
3 weeks ago in a PA-18 SuperCub with 31” tires

Take a good look before landing. South end is smoother than the north end and where the road crosses has some good bumps. North end has a rut pretty much right down the middle.


Marc Lassaux was at Horseshoe Canyon
3 weeks ago in a ICP Savannah S with 8.00-6 tires

Same condition as last report. Beautiful area. Winds can be a challenge. The day before this report, I opted not to land due to shifting winds on final.

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William Lipscomb was at Simplot / Funky
3 weeks ago in a PA-18 with 31" tires

Full length of runway now available. Will need a little traffic to soften the erosion around vegetation. For now would recommend only high float tires.

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Tony Stewart was at Cedar Mountain
3 weeks ago in a Rans S7S with 8.50 x 6 tires

Stopped in this morning to have some coffee and explore the strip for the first time, nice soft sandy/gravel. Little rocky at the start of the departure end of 33, taxied maybe 50ft or so down the runway before departing. Broken beer bottle shards in the camping area, would suggest bringing a trashbag for the next folks that head up there.